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Flood Relief Efforts


As the flood recovery continues, we’re seeing South Carolina communities continue to come together.  There are lots of heroes, both ordinary citizens as well as trained professionals.  We’re proud to partner with many of the folks on the front line.

McClam & Associates, one of our customers, is currently working to restore the levee at the Columbia Canal.  On Tuesday, October 6th, they used a Chinook helicopter flown by the SC National Guard to transport three Cat 308Es.  This transport made the local news and the front page of The State newspaper.  We greatly appreciate the work done by the National Guard and we’re proud to partner with McClam & Associates. 

View photos and videos.

To view a video update from City Officials about the work being done in the aftermath of the flood please click here

Many of our customers are working to repair bridges, roads and utilities.  If you would like to share your story or photos with us, please send them to marketing@blanchardmachinery.com

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