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Paving & Compaction

Improved paving and compaction performance increase your profitability and productivity. Blanchard understands your paving and compaction needs and will work with you in selecting the right piece of equipment and offering the service and support that you depend on. With our team assisting your operations, you’ll find it easy to improve your paving technique, mat quality and profitability.

Learn more about these paving machines and brands available through Blanchard:

  • Cat: Customers charged with highway, interstate, or governmental work will love the reliability and quality of our Caterpillar Pavers, Rollers, and Compactors.
  • LeeBoy: LeeBoy Asphalt Pavers provide the power and precision ideal for work on country roads and parking lots. For larger projects and highway work, we recommend LeeBoy’s Rosco Asphalt Distributor Trucks.
  • Gomaco: Versatile and reliable, Gomaco Concrete Pavers help our customers pave widths up to 50 feet and depths up to 19 inches.
  • Weiler: The Weiler Asphalt Paver offers a smaller, more compact option perfect for those with highway and small commercial jobs.

Let us help you minimize your work time with Utility and Asphalt Compactors, which let operators tailor a machine’s compactive effort to achieve density requirements in the fewest possible passes. Complete high-production results improve your productivity and efficiency with help from Blanchard.

Whether you’re working with soil, asphalt, chip and seal, or reclamation and stabilization, we can help you find the machine to get the job done right!

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