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Timber Harvesting & Extraction

We understand that timber harvesting is an integral part of sound forest management and Blanchard Machinery, through our Forestry division, is here to provide you with the equipment you need to perform your harvest and extraction duties efficiently and effectively.

  • Cat Harvesters - fells and processes (delimbs, bucks, and tops) trees at the stump
  • Cat Forwarders - carries wood (sawlogs, pulpwood, fuel rods or tops) from the forest floor to the landing
  • Cat Feller Bunchers - fells trees and places them in bunches on the forest floor
  • Cat Skidders - drags whole trees from the forest floor to a delimber or whole tree chipper using a rear-mounted hydraulic grapple
  • Peterson Chippers - converts whole trees or tree lengths into wood chips
  • Peterson Delimbers/Debarkers - removes limbs and/or bark from felled trees
  • Cat On-Highway Truck - hauls pulpwood, sawlogs, fuel rods, tree lengths, or wood chips from the landing to the mill

To discuss your timber harvesting & extraction needs or get additional details about Blanchard’s forestry equipment offerings, contact your local Forestry Sales Representative.

We also offer Used Timber Harvesting and Extraction Equipment.