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Cat machines are built to last and our certified technicians can help get the best life out of your machine. In addition to regular maintenance, that means having repairs done throughout the machine's life. 

Hydraulic Repair

Our full-service Hydraulic Repair Shops allow us to work on almost any cylinder from any machine. Our in-house capabilities include disassembly and assembly, inspection, resealing, honing, washing, rerodding, retubing, and testing.

Once the repair is done, we'll test our work on our dyno transmission and hydraulics test bench, as well as our fuel systems test bench. We're one of the only shops in South Carolina that tests our hydraulic repairs so throughly. It's all about saving you downtime on your machine. 

Contact your nearest branch to learn more about hydraulic repair. 

Hose Repair

Blanchard Hydraulic Hose Shops have the tooling and expertise to build almost any hose assembly you'll need - on the spot. In fact, we can usually have it ready in 30 minutes or less, no matter what brand of machine you have. 

Contact your nearest branch to learn more about hose repair. 

Align Boring 

It doesn't matter where you are in the state or what type of machine you have, our technicians can use one of our five portable align boring and bore welding machines to repair your equipment. 

Blanchard offers the capability of repairing damaged bores from 1.250" to 30". Our technicians can repair the damaged bore back to specifications. Components such as:

  • loader frames
  • buckets
  • equalizer bars
  • linage pieces
  • hydraulic cylinders
  • Z-bars
  • tilt links 

Contact your nearest branch to learn more about align boring. 

Welding and Fabrication

Our weld and fabrication shop can do anything from repair your undercarriage and buckets to making parts right in our shop. If you typically get your parts from overseas, that can save a significant amount of downtime. 

When we repair your equipment, we like to use a spray weld process. It works very well with your machine's cast iron and causes less stress in the metal, so it's stronger when we're done. 

Contact your nearest branch to learn more about welding and fabrication. 

Maintenance and Certified Rebuilds

Not what you're looking for? We offer maintenance service and Cat Certified Rebuilds as well. 

Learn more about maintenance.

Learn more about Cat Certified Rebuilds. 

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