How Well Do you Know Your Fleet?

Good equipment management means more than just tracking data. Let Blanchard put these insights to work—and tackle your burning business challenges. Curious? Take the quiz here.

Our EMServices Offerings

The construction business is changing and we’re changing with it. Blanchard is becoming an expert in EMServices, a technology that will change the way you manage your fleet. EMServices has a five-tiered approach, which means whether you prefer to be hands-on with your maintenance or let our expert team proactively manage it, there's a level of support that meets your needs. It’s more than reports and data. It’s a kind of machine you’ve never had before and the benefits speak for themselves. 

Control costs:

Our easy-to-read reports will show you when your machines are running and where, how you compare to other contractors in your region in terms of fuel burn, and help you reduce downtime by efficiently scheduling service.

Depending on what level of support you choose, you can even budget for the year by setting a monthly flat fee for your service. 

Improve performance: 

With EMServices, you’ll have an snapshot into the health of your fleet. Your data will help you know what’s going on with your machines anytime of the day or night. You’ll be able to use information about fault codes to provide training for your operators, keep up-to-date on routine service for your equipment, and know exactly where your machines are. 


Work with a partner you can trust:

At Blanchard, we're more than just your equipment dealer. We're your partner. We'll work with you to find the level of support that's right for your business. You can rest easy knowing your fleet--and your data--is in good hands. 

Level 1 ACCESS: Know where your equipment is and what it’s doing with remote, real-time information.
Level 2 INFORM: Manage your equipment health and utilization trends compared to benchmarks via automated reporting.
Level 3 ADVISE: Use expert recommendations from Blanchard to make informed decisions about managing and maintaining your machines.
Level 4 SUPPORT: Leverage product management services from our expert team to lower your operating costs while increasing machine availability.
Level 5 MANAGE: Let us proactively manage your equipment while you focus on your business. 

Get started with EMServices

Want to learn more about how EMServices can help change your business? Email our specialist, Brett Rutland for more information, or give him a call at 803.926.4111.

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