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Ridgeway Gold Mine

For a six-year period that ended in 1999, Blanchard helped Kennecott Ridgeway Mining Company (KRMC) operate a 15,000 tons-per-day open-pit gold mine five miles east of Ridgeway, South Carolina. Blanchard provided machines, parts, and more than a dozen certified technicians on the site of the mine, which operated 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Our round-the-clock maintenance efforts included providing fuel, lube, and preventative maintenance services during machines’ early life cycles, and major rebuilds and component replacement in their later life cycles. We also set up an onsite Parts warehouse, with nightly parts deliveries, to better meet the 24-hour demand. We’re proud to say that our dedication enabled KRMC to minimize downtime and provide steady employment for more than 100 people.

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