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Peninsula Equipment, A Division of Blanchard Machinery, and its remaining machines are now Blanchard Machinery. This list of recycling machines, crushers, and screens have been marked down in price and are ready for sale.

Click the model number or the picture to be taken to the full listing with inspection information on Cat Used. For more information on purchasing, contact us.

2013 DO SM720K  2014 DO SM720K  2014 DO SM720K
DO-065-(1).jpg DO-W09621196E2D38738-(2).jpg DO-W09621193E2D38745-(1).jpg

2014 DO SM720K  2016 DO SM720K  2015 M0 S1903DT
DO-W09621197E2D38750-(1).jpg DO-076.jpg M0-83947-(1).jpg

  2010 MR 3800  2009 Peter. 4710B  2016 Met. ST4.8
MR-189-1106.jpg PF-29B-108-1658.jpg M2-78642.jpg

 2015 Met. ST2.8  2015 Met. LT1213  2016 Met. LT1213 
M2-78014.jpg M2-78444.jpg M2-78473.jpg

For machine specifics & purchasing, contact Paul Magoon:

Domestic & International Used Equipment Sales and Purchasing

phone: 843-565-2023