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140M AWD Motor Grader

The M Series Motor Grader has become the industry standard in operational efficiency and overall productivity. From building roads to maintaining them, M Series Motor Graders are designed to help you get more work done in less time. Unprecedented operator comfort and ease of service help to maximize your return on investment.

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Base Power (1st gear) – Net213 hp
Engine ModelCat® C9 ACERT™0
Bore4.4 in
Stroke5.9 in
Speed @ Rated Power2,000 rpm0
Base Power (1st gear, AWD off) – Net213 hp
EmissionsEngine is Certified for Environment Canada Tier 3 Standards0
Maximum Torque (AWD on)991 lb ft
Torque Rise (VHP Plus)40%0
VHP Plus Range – Net159-200 kW (213-268 hp)0
Displacement537 in3
Number of Cylinders60
Derating Altitude10000 ft
High Ambient – Fan Speed – Maximum1,650 rpm0
High Ambient – Fan Speed – Minimum600 rpm0
High Ambient Capability122 ° F


Operating Weight – Typically Equipped43834 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped43834 lb


Blade Width12 ft
Moldboard – Height24 in
Moldboard – Thickness0.87 in
Arc Radius16.3 in
Throat Clearance6.5 in
Cutting Edge – Width6 in
Cutting Edge – Thickness0.6 in
End Bit – Width6 in
End Bit – Thickness0.6 in
Blade Pull – Base GVW (AWD)34869 lb
Blade Pull – Maximum GVW (AWD)46703 lb
Down Pressure – Base GVW (AWD)18342 lb
Down Pressure – Maximum GVW (AWD)28503 lb
Moldboard – Width12 ft


Height to Exhaust Stack (AWD)128.2 in
Height – Top of Cab Product Link133 in
Length – Push Plate to Ripper399.1 in
Length – Push Plate to Ripper Retracted386.5 in
Width – Outside Front Tires (AWD)102.1 in
Width – Tire Center Lines Front (AWD)87.5 in
Height – Top of Cab130.2 in
Length – Front Axle to Mid Tandem241.1 in
Length – Front Tire to Rear of Machine344.6 in
Length – Front Axle to Moldboard100.5 in
Length – Between Tandem Axles60 in
Width – Outside Rear Tires98.9 in
Height – Front Axle Center23.5 in
Height to Top of Cylinders119.7 in
Ground Clearance at Rear Axle13.3 in

Operating Specifications

Top Speed – Forward29 mph
Top Speed – Reverse22.9 mph
Turning Radius, Outside Front Tires24.93 ft
Steering Range – Left/Right47.5 degrees0
Articulation Angle – Left/Right20 degrees0
Forward – 1st2.5 mph
Forward – 2nd3.4 mph
Forward – 3rd5 mph
Forward – 4th6.8 mph
Forward – 5th10.6 mph
Forward – 6th14.5 mph
Forward – 7th19.9 mph
Forward – 8th29 mph
Reverse – 1st2 mph
Reverse – 2nd3.7 mph
Reverse – 3rd5.4 mph
Reverse – 4th8.4 mph
Reverse – 5th15.7 mph
Reverse – 6th22.9 mph

Service Refill

Fuel Capacity110 gal
Cooling System10.6 gal
Hydraulic System – Tank16.9 gal
Trans./Diff./Final Drives16.9 gal
Engine Oil6.6 gal
Tandem Housing (each)16.9 gal
Front Wheel Spindle Bearing Housing0.13 gal
Circle Drive Housing1.8 gal

Power Train

Forward/Reverse Gears8 Forward/6 Reverse0
TransmissionDirect drive, power shift, countershaft0
Brakes – ServiceMultiple oil disc0
Brakes – Service, Surface Area3565 in2
Brakes – ParkingMultiple oil disc0
Brakes – SecondaryDual circuit control system0

Hydraulic System

Circuit TypeElectro-hydraulic load sensing, closed center0
Pump TypeVariable piston0
Pump Output55.7 gal/min
Maximum System Pressure3500 psi
Standby Pressure450 psi


Drawbar – Width3 in
Circle – Diameter60.2 in
Circle – Blade Beam Thickness1.6 in
Drawbar – Height6 in
Circle – Height5.4 in
Front Frame Structure – Height12 in
Front Frame Structure – Thickness0.6 in
Front Frame Structure – Width12 in
Front Axle – Height to Center23 in
Front Axle – Wheel Lean, Left/Right18 degrees0
Front Axle – Total Oscillation per Side32 degrees0

All-Wheel Drive

Blade Range

Circle Centershift – Right28.7 in
Circle Centershift – Left27.4 in
Moldboard Sideshift – Right26 in
Moldboard Sideshift – Left20.1 in
Maximum Blade Position Angle90 degrees0
Blade Tip Range – Forward40 degrees0
Blade Tip Range – Backward5 degrees0
Maximum Shoulder Reach Outside of Tires – Right77.9 in
Maximum Shoulder Reach Outside of Tires – Left70.5 in
Maximum Lift above Ground18.9 in
Maximum Depth of Cut28.1 in

Net Power: VHP Plus – Net

Weights – AWD

Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Front Axle10686 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Rear Axle28057 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Base – Total38743 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Maximum – Front Axle16606 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Maximum – Rear Axle35287 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Maximum – Total51892 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped – Front Axle12767 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped – Rear Axle31067 lb
Gross Vehicle Weight – Typically Equipped – Total43834 lb

Engine – U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim Certified


BrakesISO 3450:19960
ROPS/FOPSISO 3471:1994, ISO 3449:19920
SoundISO 6394:2008, ISO 6395:20080
SteeringISO 5010:20070

Engine – Tier 0

Engine – Tier 2

Net Power: VHP

Net Power: AWD On

Gear: Forward – 1st223 hp
Gear: Forward – 2nd238 hp
Gear: Forward – 3rd243 hp
Gear: Forward – 4th248 hp
Gear: Forward – 5th268 hp
Gear: Forward – 6th268 hp
Gear: Forward – 7th268 hp
Gear: Forward – 8th268 hp
Gear: Reverse – 1st213 hp
Gear: Reverse – 2nd218 hp
Gear: Reverse – 3rd – 6th223 hp

Net Power: VHP - Net


Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth – Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing4.6 in
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth – Scarifier Shank Holders5/110
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth – Scarifying Depth, Maximum18.4 in
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth – Working Width47.4 in
Mid, V-Type – Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing4.6 in
Mid, V-Type – Scarifier Shank Holders110
Mid, V-Type – Scarifying Depth, Maximum11.5 in
Mid, V-Type – Working Width46.6 in
Rear – Scarifying Depth, Maximum10.5 in
Rear – Working Width91 in
Rear – Scarifier Shank Holders90
Rear – Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing10.5 in

Net Power: AWD Off

Gear: Forward – 1st213 hp
Gear: Forward – 2nd218 hp
Gear: Forward – 3rd223 hp
Gear: Forward – 4th228 hp
Gear: Forward – 5th233 hp
Gear: Forward – 6th238 hp
Gear: Forward – 7th243 hp
Gear: Forward – 8th248 hp
Gear: Reverse – 1st213 hp
Gear: Reverse – 2nd218 hp
Gear: Reverse – 3rd – 6th223 hp

Net Power: VHP Plus

Gear: Forward – 1st183 hp
Gear: Forward – 2nd188 hp
Gear: Forward – 3rd203 hp
Gear: Forward – 4th208 hp
Gear: Forward – 5th213 hp
Gear: Forward – 6th218 hp
Gear: Forward – 7th233 hp
Gear: Forward – 8th233 hp
Gear: Reverse – 1st183 hp
Gear: Reverse – 2nd188 hp
Gear: Reverse – 3rd – 6th203 hp


Ripper Shank Holder Spacing21 in
Ripping Depth – Maximum16.8 in
Ripper Shank Holders50
Penetration Force20540 lb
Pryout Force26259 lb
Machine Length Increase, Beam Raised36.2 in


Height19.9 in
Width7.9 in
Sidewall Thickness – Inner0.6 in
Sidewall Thickness – Outer0.7 in
Drive Chain Pitch2 in
Wheel Axle Spacing60 in
Tandem Oscillation – Front Up15 degrees0
Tandem Oscillation – Front Down25 degrees0


Operator Station

Comfort, productivity, advanced technology


Good visibility is key to your safety and efficiency. Angled cab doors, tapered engine enclosure and a sloped rear window make it easy to see the moldboard and tires, as well as behind the machine. An optional rear vision camera further enhances lines of sight all around the machine.

Comfort and Control

Experience the most spacious, comfortable cab in the industry. Joystick controls replace levers, so hand and arm movement is reduced by 78%, helping reduce operator fatigue for better productivity. Rocker and control switches are in easy reach. A standard Cat Comfort Series suspension seat is fully adjustable. Control pods can be adjusted electronically so it is even easier to set up for an ideal operating position. Multiple isolation mounts significantly reduce sound and vibration for a more relaxed work environment. The high capacity Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system dehumidifies and pressurizes the cab, circulates fresh air, seals out dust and keeps windows clear. An optional deluxe AM/FM radio with CD, MP3 and Bluetooth technology enables streaming audio from a portable device and hands-free use of a mobile phone when safe to do so.

In-Dash Instrument Cluster

Easy-to-read, high-visibility gauges and warning lamps keep you aware of critical system information. Cat Messenger offers real-time machine performance and diagnostic data to help you get the most from your machine.

Steering and Implement Controls

Unprecedented precision and ease of operation

Operators are more comfortable and productive with two electro-hydraulic joysticks. New and experienced operators around the world report that the controls are easy to learn, and that the new electronically adjustable control pods make it easier to position them for optimal comfort, visibility and proper operation.

Joystick Functions

The left joystick controls steering, articulation, return-to-center, wheel lean, gear selection, left moldboard lift cylinder and float. The right joystick controls drawbar, circle and moldboard functions as well as electronic throttle control and manual differential lock/unlock. Joystick lean angle mirrors the steer tires’ turning angle. A brake tensioning system holds the joystick in position until the operator moves it. The steering control automatically reduces steering sensitivity at higher ground speeds for predictable control. Infinitely variable roller switches control the rear ripper and/or front lift group (when equipped).

Electronic Throttle Control

Electronic Throttle Control helps improve productivity by providing the best match of horsepower and torque for the demands of the application.

Articulation Return-to-Center

Automatically returns the machine to a straight frame position from any angle with the touch of a button.


Power and reliability

The Cat C9 ACERT engine gives you the performance you need to maintain consistent grading speeds for maximum productivity. Superior torque and lugging capability provide the power to pull through sudden, short-term increases in loads. ACERT Technology lowers combustion chamber temperatures and optimizes fuel combustion to generate more work output for your fuel cost. ACERT engines also generate fewer emissions to meet the needs of equipment owners around the world.

Hydraulic Demand Fan

The hydraulic demand fan automatically adjusts speed according to engine cooling requirements. When cooling demand is reduced, you benefit from more power to the ground and improved fuel efficiency.

Engine Idle Shutdown Timer

This standard feature can be software-enabled by your Cat dealer to shut down the engine after a set period of time to save you fuel and help reduce emissions.

Power Train

Maximum power to the ground

We designed the M Series Motor Graders to give you efficiency and longevity in your most demanding applications.

  • Standard Automatic Differential Lock/Unlock unlocks the differential during a turn and re-locks when straight for easier operation and to help protect the power train.
  • Full Electronic Clutch Pressure Control system optimizes inching modulation for smooth shifts and directional changes, reducing stress on gears.
  • Programmable Autoshift option simplifies operation by allowing the operator to program the transmission to shift at optimal points to match your application.
  • Power Shift Countershaft Transmission is matched to the Cat engine to maximize power to the ground.
  • Wide operating gear range for maximum productivity.
  • Engine Over-Speed Protection prevents downshifting until an acceptable safe travel speed has been established.

Front and Rear Axles

The sealed spindle keeps front axle bearings lubricated and protected from contaminants. The Cat “Live Spindle” design places the larger tapered roller bearing on the outside, where the load is greater, extending bearing life. A bolt-on modular rear axle improves serviceability and contamination control with easy access to differential components.

Hydraulic Brakes

Oil-bathed multi-disc service brakes are hydraulically actuated for smooth, predictable braking and lower operating costs. Brakes are located at each tandem wheel and have a large total brake surface area to give you dependable stopping power and longer life.

Structures and Drawbar-Circle-Moldboard

Service ease and precise blade control

Caterpillar designs motor grader frame and drawbar components to give you performance and durability. The one-piece forged steel circle stands up to high stress loads, and a sacrificial wear system helps keep your service time and costs down. The articulation hitch features a large tapered roller bearing to carry loads evenly and smoothly. It is sealed to prevent contamination and a locking pin prevents articulation for safety during service or transport.

Easy Maintenance for More Uptime

The M Series drawbar, circle and moldboard are designed to make it easy for you to keep the components tight. Shims and patented top-adjust wear strips are easy to add or replace, dramatically reducing downtime. Durable nylon composite wear inserts maximize circle torque and component life. Sacrificial brass wear strips between the blade mounting group and moldboard can be easily adjusted and replaced. Shimless Moldboard Retention System uses vertical and horizontal adjusting screws to keep moldboard wear strips aligned for reduced blade chatter and precise blade control.

Blade Angle and Moldboard

An aggressive blade angle, optimized moldboard curvature and large throat clearance help you work more efficiently by allowing material to roll more freely along the blade. Heat-treated rails, hardened cutting edges and end bits, and heavy duty bolts to give you greater moldboard reliability and long service life. The link bar allows extreme moldboard positioning for easier bank sloping and ditch cutting/cleaning.


Advanced machine control

Responsive Hydraulics

A proven load-sensing system and advanced electro-hydraulics give you superior implement control and responsive hydraulic performance that helps make your operator’s job easier. Continuously matching hydraulic flow/pressure to power demands creates less heat and reduces power consumption.

  • Consistent, Predictable Movement – Proportional Priority Pressure-Compensating (PPP-C) valves have different flow rates for the head and rod ends of the cylinder, so you can count on consistent, predictable implement response.
  • Balanced Flow – Hydraulic flow is proportioned to give you confidence that all implements will operate simultaneously without slowing the engine or speed of some implements.

Blade Float

Allows the blade to move freely under its own weight. By floating both cylinders, the blade can follow the contours of the ground. Floating only one cylinder permits the toe of the blade to follow a hard surface while the operator controls the slope with the other lift cylinder.

Independent Oil Supply

Large, separate hydraulic oil supplies prevent cross-contamination and provide proper oil cooling, which reduces heat build-up and extends component life. Cat XT™ hose allows high pressures for maximum power and reduced downtime.

All Wheel Drive (AWD)

Expanded machine versatility

If you work in soft underfoot conditions where traction can be a challenge, optional All Wheel Drive (AWD) can give you the additional power to the ground you need to work more efficiently in mud, gravel, sand or snow. The added traction helps reduce sliding on side slopes.

  • Dedicated left and right pumps give you more precise hydraulic control. The infinitely variable pumps and motors maximize torque in each gear.
  • AWD automatically increases your horsepower up to an additional 26 kW (35 hp) to maximize your power to the ground.
  • Standard Hydrostatic (Creep) Mode disengages the transmission and provides hydraulic power to the front wheels only. Infinitely variable ground speed between 0-8 km/h (0-5 mph) is ideal for precise finish work.
  • Cat Steering Compensation System enables a “powered turn” by adjusting the outside front tire speed up to 50% faster than the inside tire. This gives you improved control, reduces surface damage and greatly reduces turning radius in poor underfoot conditions.

Integrated Technologies

Solutions to make work easier and more efficient

Cat Grade Control

Cat Grade Control Cross Slope is an optional fully integrated, factory installed system that helps your operator more easily maintain desired cross slope by automatically controlling one side of the blade. The system is job-ready from day one, and scalable for the future with AccuGrade™ upgrade kits that provide additional 2D and/or 3D control.

AccuGrade Attachment Ready Option

An AccuGrade Attachment Ready Option can be ordered as a factory- or dealer-installed option. It includes built-in mounting points and internal wiring, to make installation of the AccuGrade grade control system faster and easier.

Cat AccuGrade

AccuGrade uses positioning and guidance technologies, machine sensors, and automatic blade control to help your operators get to grade faster, easier and more efficiently. Digital design plans, real-time cut/fill data, and in-cab guidance give operators detailed information to work more confidently and achieve greater accuracy, in fewer passes, using less material. Operators can stay on grade and improve productivity and accuracy by nearly 50 percent over conventional methods. Grade stakes and checkers are minimized, helping to make the work site safer and more cost effective. AccuGrade technologies include Cross Slope, Sonic, Laser, GPS, and/or Universal Total Station (UTS).

Cat Product Link™

Product Link helps take the guesswork out of equipment management with remote monitoring capabilities for one machine or your entire fleet. Track asset location, hours, fuel usage, diagnostic codes, idle time and more through the secure VisionLink™ user interface. Knowing where your equipment is, what it’s doing and how it's performing enables you or your Cat dealer to manage your fleet in real-time so you can maximize efficiency, improve productivity and lower operating costs.* *Product Link licensing not available in all areas. Please consult your Cat dealer for availability.


Designed with protection in mind

Operator Not Present Monitoring System

System keeps the parking brake engaged and hydraulic implements disabled until the operator is seated and the machine is ready for operation.

Speed Sensitive Steering

Steering becomes less sensitive as ground speed increases for greater operator confidence and control.

Secondary Steering System

An electric hydraulic pump automatically engages in case of a drop in steering pressure so the operator can steer the machine to a stop.

Hydraulic Lockout

Hydraulic lockout disables all implement functions while still providing machine steering control. This is especially useful while roading.

Brake Systems

Brakes are located at each tandem wheel to eliminate braking loads on the power train. Redundant brake systems utilize accumulators to enable stopping in case of machine failure.

Walkways and Grab Rails

Perforated steel tandem walkways and convenient grab rails give you a sturdy platform when moving on, off and around the machine.

Circle Drive Slip Clutch

Circle Drive Slip Clutch protects the drawbar, circle and moldboard from shock loads if the blade encounters an immovable object and also reduces the possibility of abrupt directional changes in poor traction conditions.

Blade Lift Accumulators

Blade Lift Accumulators help absorb impact loads by allowing vertical blade travel. This optional feature helps reduce wear and also helps reduce impact loading for enhanced operator safety.

M Series Safety Features

  • Rearview camera with in-cab monitor
  • Grouped, ground level service points
  • Laminated front window glass
  • Optional LED Lighting
  • Ground-level electrical disconnect switch
  • Ground-level engine shutoff switch
  • Anti-glare paint eases night operation
  • Front and rear fenders

Serviceability and Customer Support

When uptime counts

Cat motor graders are designed to help you increase uptime and reduce costs. Grouped service points and extended service intervals save maintenance time. A standard Automatic Lubrication System maintains proper grease on working surfaces, increasing component life and purging contaminants from pins and bushings to help prevent damage. Standard Fast-Fill allows customers to refuel in less than four minutes so you can get back on the job quickly.

Unparalleled Dealer Support

When it comes to supporting you, Cat dealers are second to none. From machine selection and purchase to maintenance support and rebuilds, Cat dealers have the experience and capabilities to help keep you up and running.

Smart Machine Systems

Advanced Diagnostics

  • Cat Messenger, combined with full systems integration, enhances diagnostic capability for quick analysis of critical data.
  • Electronic Technician (Cat ET) lets service technicians access stored diagnostic data and configure machine parameters through the Cat Data Link.
  • Low Battery Elevated Idle raises idle speed when low system voltage is detected, ensuring adequate system voltage and improving battery reliability.
  • Automatic Engine Deration protects the engine by automatically lowering engine torque output and alerting the operator if critical conditions are detected.

Work Tools and Attachments

Equip your machine for the job

Moldboard Options

The 140M AWD motor grader comes equipped with a 3.7 m (12 ft) moldboard. 
An optional 4.3 m (14 ft) blade is also available. Left side extensions can be added 
for greater versatility.

Snow Removal Work Tools

Multiple snow plow, snow wing and mounting options increase machine versatility and utilization throughout the year.

Ground Engaging Tools (GET)

A variety of tools are available from Cat Work Tools, including cutting edges, graderbits and end bits, all designed for maximum service life and productivity.

Front Mounted Groups

A front mounted push plate or front lift group are available. The front lift group can be combined with a front dozer blade or front scarifier for added versatility.

Rear Ripper/Scarifier

Made to penetrate tough material fast and rip thoroughly for easier movement with the moldboard. The ripper includes three shanks (with holders for five). Nine scarifier shanks can also be added for additional versatility.


Thinking generations ahead

Fuel Efficiency

• Integrated machine systems and technologies improve productivity for greater accuracy, allowing the machine to do more work per gallon/liter of fuel.

Green House Gas Emissions

• Reduced fuel consumption means reduced CO2 emissions.

Material Efficiency and Lifecycle Costs

  • Replaceable wear parts save maintenance time and cost, and extend major component life.
  • Major components are built to be rebuilt, eliminating waste and saving customers money by giving the machine and/or major components a second – and even third-life.
  • Approximately 95% of machine materials can be recycled (ISO 16714) to conserve valuable natural resources and further enhance machine end-of-life value.


• Reduced engine noise and quieter cabs mean lower operator and spectator sound levels.


  • Ecology drains help make draining fluids more convenient and help prevent spills.
  • Cartridge style hydraulic fluid filters provide safe clean draining of filters prior to replacement, helping to prevent fluid spills.
  • A variety of safety features help safeguard operators and others on the job site.

Standard Equipment


Air cleaner, dual stage, dry type, diesel, with automatic engine derate and automatic dust ejector, service indicator through Cat Messenger

Air-to-air after cooler (ATAAC)

Belt, serpentine, automatic tensioner

Brakes, oil disc, four-wheel, hydraulic

Demand fan, hydraulic

Differential Lock/Unlock, Automatic

Drain, engine oil, ecology

Electronic over speed protection

Engine Cat C9 with ACERT Technology, diesel, with automatic engine derate and idle control. Note: Engine is Certified for Environment Canada Tier 3 standards.

Engine Idle Shutdown (EIS)

Fuel tank, 416 L (110 gal), ground level access and sediment drain

Fuel-water separator

Muffler, underhood

Parking brake – multi-disc, sealed, oil‑cooled

Priming pump, fuel

Rear axle, modular

Sediment drain, fuel tank

Tandem drive

Transmission, 8F/6R, power shift, direct drive

VHP Plus (Variable Horsepower Plus)


Alarm, back up

Alternator, 80 ampere, sealed

Batteries, maintenance free, heavy duty, 1,125 CCA

Breaker panel, ground accessible

Cab harness and electrical hydraulic valves

Electrical system, 24V

Grade Control Ready – Cab harness, software, electrical hydraulic valves, bosses and brackets

Lights, roof-mounted roading, reversing, LED stop and tail

Product Link Ready

Starter, electric



Air conditioning with heater

Arm and wrist rest, electronically adjustable

Articulation, automatic Return-to-Center

Cat Messenger operator information system

Centershift pin indicator

Coat hook

Cup holder

Display, digital speed and gear

Doors, left and right side with wiper

Gauge, machine level

Gauge cluster (analog) – fuel, articulation, engine coolant temp, engine RPM, hydraulic oil temp

Hour meter, digital

Joystick hydraulic controls right/left blade lift with float position, circle drive, blade sideshift and tip, centershift, front wheel lean, articulation and steering

Joystick, adjustable armrests

Joystick gear selection

Joystick hydraulic power steering

Ladders, cab, left and right side

Lights, night time cab

Mirror, inside rearview, wide angle

Power port, 12V

Radio Ready, Entertainment

ROPS cab, sound suppressed

Seat, cloth-covered, comfort suspension

Seat belt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)

Storage area for cooler/lunchbox

Throttle control, electronic

Windows, laminated glass: – fixed front with intermittent wiper – side and rear (3)



Extended Life Coolant to –35° C (–30° F)


Partial allowance for tires on 254 × 607 mm (10 × 24 in) multi-piece rims is included in the base machine price and weight


Anti-glare paint

Brake accumulators

Bumper, rear, integrated with hitch

CD ROM Parts Book

Clutch, circle drive slip

Cutting edges: – 152 × 16 mm (6 × 5/8 in) – curved DH-2 steel – 19 mm (3/4 in) mounting bolts

Doors (3), engine compartment, locking

Drawbar – 6 shoes, replaceable wear strips

Electrical hydraulic valves, hydraulic lines for base 8 functions

Endbits: – 16 mm (5/8 in) DH-2 steel – 19 mm (3/4 in) mounting bolts

Fluid check, ground level

Frame, articulated, with safety lock

Ground level engine shutdown

Ground level fueling

Hammer (emergency exit)

Horn, electric

Hydraulic lines for base functions

Lockout, hydraulic implement (for roading and servicing)

Moldboard – 3658 × 610 × 22 mm (12 ft × 24 in × 7/8 in)

Mounting, cab roof accessories

Pump, hydraulic, high capacity, 98 cm³ (6 in³)

Radiator, cleanout access

Secondary steering

Serviceability, left-hand side

S•O•SSM ports: engine, hydraulic, transmission, coolant, fuel

Tandem walkway/guards

Tool box

Tow hitch

Optional Equipment


Alternator, 150 ampere

Batteries: extreme duty, 1,400 CCA

Converter, communication (CB)

Lights: Headlights, high

Lights: Headlights, low

Lights: Working lights, basic

Lights: Working lights, plus

Lights: Warning: beacon or strobe

Lights: Mounting for warning light


Articulation guard

Axle hose guard

Fenders, front

Fenders, rear

Sound guard (bottom)

Transmission guard



Fan, defroster, rear window

Mirrors, outside: heated 24V

Mirrors, outside: mounted

Precleaner, HVAC

Radio ready, AM/FM

Seat, air suspension, cloth

Shade, sun

Wiper/washer, rear


Precleaner, snow/debris

Transmission, autoshift


AccuGrade ARO

Accumulators, blade lift

Camera, rearview

Cat Grade Control Cross Slope

Cat Product Link 321 (Satellite)

Cat Product Link 522 (Cellular)

Compressor/tank, air

Heater, engine coolant: 120V

Heater, engine coolant: 240V

Hydraulic arrangements with one or more additional hydraulic valves are available for ripper, dozer, snow wings, front lift group, mid-mount scarifier.

Security system

Snow wing mounting, frame ready

Sound suppression

Starting aid, ether


Blade extension, left hand, 610 mm (2 ft)

Endbits, overlay

Front lift group, mounting

Front lift group

Mid-Mount Scarifier, Package

Mid-Mount Scarifier, Mounting

Moldboard: 4267 × 610 × 22 mm (14 ft × 24 in × 7/8 in)

Moldboard: 4267 × 686 × 25 mm (14 ft × 27 in × 1 in)

Push plate

Ripper, mounting

Ripper, rear

Ripper tooth

Scarifier, front


Snow Arrangement


Rim Size – 10 x 24; Wheel Group – Multi-Piece; Tires – 14.00-24

Rim Size – 10 x 24; Wheel Group – Multi-Piece; Tires – 14.00R24

Rim Size – 14 x 25; Wheel Group – Multi-Piece; Tires – 17.5R25

Note: Consult your dealer for individual tire width, size, and brand.