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7 Benefits of Renting Trench and Shoring Equipment

December 06, 2021

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Are you getting ready for a trenching project? Selecting the right equipment ensures you complete a safe, efficient, and productive job. When it comes to trenching, you want to choose the best trench shoring machinery you can find to protect your workers. Along with safety, renting trench and shoring equipment comes with numerous benefits. Keep reading to learn more about why renting could be the perfect idea for your company.

What Is Trench and Shoring Equipment?

On a construction site, it's often necessary to dig trenches. Trenchers excavate soil, allowing workers to create trenches to work in during the project. These spaces can range in height and width to accommodate underground applications.

Working inside of a trench can be dangerous without the proper protection. Without precautions, trench walls can slide and cave in on workers. There are two types of preventive equipment workers can use to protect themselves from injury in trenches — trench shields and trench shores. Each option has crucial applications, as mandated by OSHA.

What Is Trench and Shoring Equipment?

A trench shield resembles a box. These metal structures are designed to fit the trench's exact dimensions. After placing the trench shield inside the trench, workers can continue working with an added layer of protection. If the trench's walls start to collapse, the trench shield will shelter the workers.

Workers can use trench shoring equipment to reinforce the trench's walls and reduce the likelihood of a cave-in. This machinery commonly uses hydraulic pistons to brace metal plates against the trench's walls. As a result, workers can complete tasks in the trench more safely.

Trench and Shoring Equipment Applications

The most common reason to dig trenches is for utility and foundation applications. Construction projects frequently require workers to lay gas lines, electric transmission lines, sewer lines and other underground features. Workers also sometimes excavate the ground to install building foundations.

Other applications for trench and shoring equipment include creating drainage routes for water on farms and next to roadways. Ultimately, any project that requires installing features in the ground or creating ditches may require digging a trench.

Why You Should Rent Trench and Shoring Equipment

Whatever you need trench and shoring equipment for, you'll find that renting it comes with many advantages. Between lower costs and increased safety, rented equipment can be an effective choice. Here are seven benefits of renting shoring equipment for your construction projects.

Why You Should Rent Trench and Shoring Equipment

1. Meets Safety Requirements

When you purchase a trench shoring rental from a trusted rental equipment company like Blanchard Machinery, you get machinery that meets all of the necessary OSHA guidelines. It's crucial to put your money toward the safest equipment possible. Choosing up-to-date equipment rentals from us helps you protect your team.

2. Comes with Fewer Expenses

Investing in new machinery ownership comes with numerous expenses. If you decide to buy trench and shoring equipment, you're responsible for that machinery. You'll have to pay for repairs, coordinate transportation to job sites and more. Owning machinery can be its own job on top of the construction work you do on a daily basis.

Comparatively, renting equipment is often less expensive. Aside from the associated rental fees, you won't have to pay for maintenance, transportation, storage and other operational costs. Those tasks are the rental company's responsibility, allowing you to focus on more important duties.

3. Offers Increased Flexibility

If you buy a piece of heavy machinery, you're tied to that equipment. This aspect can be a considerable downside, especially when it comes to project sizes and lengths. You may only need your machinery for a couple of projects per year and your projects may only last a few weeks, leaving your expensive trenchers and trench shores inside a storage facility for the rest of the year.

You have much more flexibility when renting your trench shoring equipment. For short-term projects or if you don't use trenching tools often, you can easily rent the necessary equipment for just your project's duration. Simply rent what you need when you need it to avoid wasting money on unused equipment.

4. Doesn't Require Maintenance

A significant perk of renting your equipment is that you don't have to maintain it. If you experience an operational issue with your trench shoring machinery, simply let the rental company know so they can take care of the problem. They'll provide a similar machine until the issue is solved, meaning minimal downtime for your project. Renting equipment means minimal headaches.

5. Allows Access to Newest Models

Construction companies sometimes purchase gently used heavy machinery to save money. Therefore, when you buy used equipment, it's usually at least a few years old and you won't have access to innovative operational and safety features. When renting, you have greater access to the latest and greatest trenching equipment for lower costs — no maintenance, transportation or storage required.

6. Eliminates Need for Storage

One of the greatest benefits of renting trench and shoring equipment is that you don't have to establish long-term storage. Since you only have to store it for the rental period, which could be a few days or weeks, you'll cut down on equipment-related costs.

7. Reduces Wasted Transportation Time

As you rent your trench shoring equipment, you'll schedule a time for the rental company to drop it off. At Blanchard Machinery, we offer quick on-site delivery to ensure you can start your project as soon as possible. You don't have to put resources toward transporting your equipment — you can get to work fast.

Why Rent Trench and Shoring Equipment From Blanchard Rental Services?

Renting vs. Buying Trench and Shoring Equipment

Choosing whether to rent or buy trenching and shoring equipment comes down to your team and project needs. Consider the following questions:

  • How often do you dig trenches: If you dig trenches frequently, you may want to purchase your own trench and shoring machinery. Those who don't need to dig and reinforce trenches often may prefer a rental.
  • Can you transport your equipment to different sites: If you find that transportation machinery is a concern, renting may be the best option as your rental company will take care of that responsibility.
  • What's your budget: Keep in mind that renting costs will vary based on numerous factors, like the machinery you want to rent and your location. However, renting comes with fewer financial responsibilities, such as maintenance and storage.
  • Do you have equipment storage space: Those with considerable storage spaces can securely stow their equipment with ease. However, construction companies with limited warehouse space will likely prefer to rent.
  • What kind of equipment do you need: Many rental companies have a wide selection of equipment, making renting a trench box, slide rail systems and other shoring machinery simple. If you don't want to pay full price for equipment, you may find that used markets don't have what you need.

Trench shoring equipment rentals are an effective choice for numerous applications. It's up to you whether to buy or rent your machinery based on your specific needs.

Rent Your Equipment from Blanchard Machinery

At Blanchard Machinery, we boast the largest machining and hydraulics shop in the Southeastern United States, ensuring dozens of quality rental equipment options for our customers. If you're searching for a trench shoring rental for your next project, Blanchard Rental Services can help. To get started with your rental, please request a quote today or find a location near you. We can't wait to work with you!

Rent Your Equipment from Blanchard Machinery

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