Your hydraulic hoses and couplings make your projects and jobs easier. Blanchard Machinery Company is here whenever you need to replace yours.

Your fleet’s performance hinges on the reliability of its hydraulic hoses and couplings. At Blanchard Machinery, we want to keep your jobsite running. You need a solid plan to make sure you have the right parts and tools — available 24/7 — for quick repairs or replacements. We build our hydraulic hoses to deliver unbeatable durability in the most challenging environments. Our trained hose assembly technicians use the latest tooling, assembly information, routing standards, inspection techniques, and contamination control processes to get your machines up and running. Pick up or call for delivery today.

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Different by Design

Getting your hydraulic hoses and couplings is simple at Blanchard Machinery Company. We are different by design, supplying hydraulic couplings and hoses in various ways so you get what you need fast. When you work with us, you can:

  • Get any hose for any machine: We have the expertise and capability to replace any hose assembly, regardless of who built your machine. Our Hydraulic Hose Shops can build hoses for other models in addition to Cat® equipment.
  • Visit any location: Blanchard Machinery Company has multiple locations throughout South Carolina, so you can stop by any store to get your new hose assembly.
  • Scan-to-buy: Order a replacement hose fast and online using the Cat Smart Hose Label on your Cat hose assembly. Scan the QR code with your cellphone to create a new order without leaving the job site.

Hydraulic Hoses and Coupling Features

Hydraulic hoses and couplings have features that make transporting fluids easier on job sites. A couple of elements of the hoses and couplings include durability and versatility:

  • Strength-tested: All hydraulic couplings and hoses receive testing to ensure they are sturdy enough to withstand movement from heavy liquids. Some machines run on fluid power, which relies on hydraulic hoses and couplings as the power source.
  • Versatile applications: Cat hydraulic hoses and couplings are essential parts of jobs in various applications. Find ones that connect to your excavator or bulldozer. Hydraulic hoses and their couplings are suitable for heavy machinery when transporting fluid from one place to another.

Benefits of Purchasing Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings From Blanchard Machinery Company

When you need new hydraulic hoses and couplings fast, we are here to help. When you get your hydraulic parts from us, you experience:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Reliable Product
  • Strength Tested
  • Built for any Make
  • Friendly Service


Our Hydraulic Hose Shops also have the right tooling and expertise to build hoses for other makes and models outside of Cat equipment. Although Caterpillar is the only manufacturer that makes their own hose components, our premium hose and couplings can also be used in other brands such as John Deere, Hitachi, Volvo and Komatsu. Contact us today or stop by one of our many locations throughout the state of South Carolina and save!

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Contact Blanchard Machinery Company for Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings

The next time you need new hydraulic hoses and couplings, visit Blanchard Machinery Company. Our teams are ready to help you receive the parts required for your job. Learn more about the types of hydraulic hoses and couplings we carry by visiting our parts store. If you already know what you want, place an order with a representative when you contact us today!