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Cat® dozers are already known for changing the equipment game, so now it's time for these industry-leading machines to get some upgraded names. The change is being implemented to simplify for our customers how machines compare to one another within the dozer lineup. Initially, Cat dozers were named with letter modifiers to differentiate machines that existed within the same size class, such as the D6T, D6N and D6K2. Now, the dozers have dropped the letters following the numbers and the number correlates directly to the horsepower of the machine.



  • D1 (previously D3K and D3K2): 75 hp +
  • D2 (previously D4K and D4K2): 85 hp +
  • D3 (previously D5K and D5K2): 100 hp +

MEDIUM DOZERSMedium-Dozer-Rename.jpg

  • D4 (previously D6K and D6K2): 125 hp +
  • D5 (previously D6N and D5R2): 160 hp +
  • D6 (previously D6T and D6R2): 200 hp +
  • D7 (previously D7E and D7R): 240 hp +

LARGE DOZERSLarge-Dozer-Rename.jpg

  • D8 (previously D8T and D8R): 320 hp +
  • D9 (previously D9T and D9R): 405 hp +
  • D10 (previously D10T2): 600 hp +
  • D11 (previously D11T): 850 hp +

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