Asphalt Distributors

Black-Topper® Centennial Series

Like all Etnyre equipment, Black-Topper Centennial Distributors are built-to-order so you get the features that provide the output you need to be successful. These units have a streamlined design that minimizes maintenance while also enhancing performance and productivity.

How Our Asphalt Distributors Work

Asphalt distributors are designed to spray liquid asphalt and are an essential element in most road building processes. These trucks are used to spray a thin layer of asphalt to form a bonding surface in advance of hot mix overlays, known as tacking coat. In the chip sealing process, the distributor covers the road surface with liquid asphalt and then rock chips are spread evenly over the asphalt by the chip spreader to form a cost-effective new surface on the road.

Distributors are made up of an asphalt pumping system, a heating system that is used to keep asphalt in a liquid state, and a spraying system at the rear of the vehicle. The insulated tank of the vehicle can vary in size from as little as 1,000 gallons to as large as 4,500 gallons. Since the materials in this tank are hazardous, the manhole and valving on the tank are built to meet all safety requirements.

The width of the spray is easily manipulated by interior controls without having to manually adjust or pause your work. Regardless of the truck speed, the spraying remains constant.

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The Smaller Maintenance Unit

Need a smaller unit for a more specific application? Consider a maintenance unit ranging in size from 600 to 1,000 gallons. Maintenance units may be truck mounted, trailer mounted, or skid mounted.

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