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Roadwork never stops and your equipment shouldn't either. Construction, landscaping, and any other industry that uses paving equipment can benefit from the rugged reliability of Weiler products. At Blanchard Machinery, we have a wide array of Weiler paving equipment for sale for everything from mixing and moving materials to compacting and grading surfaces.

We back up all our offerings with support from expert representatives and technicians. Our highly skilled team has the experience and knowledge to help you find the right solutions and keep them working for years to come.

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Paving Equipment from Weiler

Weiler paving products have a variety of capabilities, as well as the reliability and cutting-edge design practices you expect from the company. We carry a sizeable selection of Weiler paving equipment for sale, including:

  • Pavers: Weiler commercial pavers offer exceptional performance across a wide range of applications. High productivity, easy maneuverability, and optimal visibility make these pavers excellent choices for the job site.
  • Remixing transfer vehicles: Remixing transfer vehicles from Weiler offer industry-leading features and high efficiency. They provide nonstop, no-contact paving with designs to reduce material segregation and allow complete control over the entire system.
  • Road wideners: Road wideners need to be accurate, so your material reaches the proper grade and slope in one pass. Weiler is up for the task and has equipment with sizes of up to 14 feet featuring powerful material delivery capabilities and high visibility.
  • Windrow elevators: Windrow elevators from Weiler provide a smooth ride and plenty of power with the help of a rugged Cat® Tier 4 engine. They also have optional features for remixing discharge hoppers and transport axles.
  • Compactors: Weiler compactors have a split-drum build to make quick work of corners and offer even and consistent coverage. They feature the powerful Cat C3.4B Tier 4 engine with 74 horsepower.
  • Screeds: Weiler's highway-class screeds are 8-10 feet wide and provide durable, efficient performance. They heat up quickly and feature zone monitoring and advanced control systems.

Your One-Stop Shop for Weiler Paving Support

Whichever product you need from Blanchard Machinery, we back it up with top-tier support. Our sales representatives understand the industry and can help you make informed decisions about competitively priced paving equipment. Other forms of support we offer include:

  • Parts: We have all the genuine parts necessary for quick and trustworthy repairs and maintenance for any brand.
  • Service: If a problem occurs or it's time for scheduled maintenance, you can't afford to have more downtime than necessary. We'll help you maximize uptime with the help of our expert technicians and outfitted maintenance facilities.
  • Financing: In addition to helping you get the most of your equipment, we offer multiple financing options for new equipment purchases. We can work with your budget and find ways to get Weiler paving products in your arsenal with as little financial burden as possible.

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At Blanchard Machinery, we know the value of quality equipment and are proud to be your trusted Weiler dealer in South Carolina. For sales, service, or parts, we can help with you all your Weiler paving equipment needs. Reach out to us today online or call us at 844.252.6242 for a free quote.

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