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2018 Peterson 5710D

Price: $770,000

  • Location COLUMBIA, SC

    Current Hours3860

  • Serial # 40D-184-2392


  • Unit NumberPU000056


Unit Number : PU000056

Model 5710D

Serial Number 40D-184-2392

Year 2018

Hours 3860


State SC

Country US

Rating As-Is

Certification None

Price $770,000

Cleaning Required No

Covers Good

Doors Good

Engine Compartment Good

Paint Good

Clean? Yes

Debris? No

Exhaust Clean? Yes

Exhaust System Leaks? No

Fasteners Tight? Yes

Safety Decals In Place Yes

Safety Decals Legible Yes

Turbocharger Clean? Yes

Compression Roller Housing Safety Pin Good

Emergency Stop Button Good

Fire Extinguisher Good

Guards Good

Radio Transmitter's Stop Button Good

Water Spray System Fair

Gauges Good

Radio Functions Good

Switches Good

Fluid Levels OK? - ENGINE Yes

IRS Faults? No

Leaks? No

1st to 2nd Grate Parting Line Gap Adjustment Good

Air Filter Good

Anti-Freeze Good

Anvil Good

Belts / Pulleys Good

Bit Holders Good

Bits Good

Clutch Engagement Good

Compression Roller Rotation Good

Conveyor Belt Tracking Good

Conveyor Fold / Unfold Good

Coolant Level Good

Engine Fan Motor (Pull/Push) Good

Exhaust / Muffler Good

Feed System Drag Chain Good

Grates Good

Hoses Good

Mounts Good

Oil Level Good

Precleaner Good

Radiator Good


Rotor Drive Belt Tension Good

Shaft Hub Good

Slide Gate Good

Starter Good

Discharge Conveyor Good

Feed Conveyor Good

Fluid Levels OK? - HYDRAULICS Yes

Leaks No

Track Frame - Left Good

Track Frame - Right Good

Carrier Roller Left: 0% Worn, Right: 0% Worn

Front Idler Left: 15% Worn, Right: 15% Worn

Pins & Bushings Left: 20% Worn, Right: 20% Worn

Sprocket Segments Left: 0% Worn, Right: 0% Worn

Track Rollers Left: 0% Worn, Right: 0% Worn

Track Shoes Left: 20% Worn, Right: 20% Worn



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