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The Next Generation is Here

Choose the 20-ton model that best matches your unique set of requirements for controlling costs, increasing productivity and making more money.

320GC Specs              320 Specs              323 Specs

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Increased Operating        Efficiency

Cat Grade with 2D, Grade with Assist, and Cat Payload all come standard on the 320 and 323 machine models. This increases operating efficiency by up to 45 percent more than traditional grading methods.

Less Fuel Consumption

Next Gen excavator engines provide power ratings from 121–162 hp and consume up to 25 percent less fuel than previous models. New Smart Mode operation automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions. To further reduce fuel useage, engine speed automatically decreases when there is no hydraulic demand.

Reduced Maintenance  Costs

Maintenance costs are reduced by up to 15 percent over previous models. The return filter extends service life to 3,000 hours, the air filter to 1,000 hours, and the fuel tank cap filter extends service life to 2,000 hours.Next-Gen-Comparison.JPG