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2020 Cat 826K

Price: $585,000

  • Location LEXNGTON, SC

    Current Hours8205

  • Serial # 2T600120


  • Unit NumberCNE000268


Unit Number : CNE000268

Model 826K

Serial Number 2T600120

Year 2020

Hours 8205


State SC

Country US

Rating As-Is

Certification None

Price $585,000

  • Air Conditioner
  • Axles, No-spin Front & Rear
  • Fire Supression
  • Guard, Rear Fan & Grill
  • Hydraulics
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Online Owner's Manual
  • Product Link
  • Protection Current Unlimited Powertrain & Hydraulics (epp) Expiring 23dec2024 Or 10,000hrs; Whichever Comes First.
  • Radio - Am Fm Radio
  • Rops - Enclosed

S.O.S. Taken No

Cab or Canopy Good

Crankcase Guard / Battery Box Good

Decals Fair

Differential Supports Good

Eng. Enclose Hood / Stack Fair

Fenders Good

Front Frame Good

Fuel Tank Good

Grab Irons Fair

Paint Fair

Pre-Cleaner Bowl Good

Radiator Grill & Shroud Good

Rear Frame Good

Steps / Ladder Good

Back Up Alarm Good

Brake Hold Good

Glass / Mirrors Fair

Horn Good

Parking Brake Good

ROPS or Non-ROPS Good

Seat Belt Fair

Air Conditioner Good

Dash Console Good

Door Latches Good

EMS Panel / Warnings Good

Floor Boards Good

Gauges Good

Heater Good

Interior Lights Good

Meter Good

Product Link Good

Seat Cushion / Arm Rest Fair

Switches Good

Windshield Wipers Good

Blow By No

Compression in Radiator No

Fluid Levels OK? Yes

Knocking No

Oil Leaks No

Water in Oil No

Air Cleaners Good

Engine Supports Good

Fuel Injection System Good

Governor Good

Turbocharger / Blower Good

Belts / Pulleys Good

Coolers Good

Fan Good

Fan Drive Good

Hoses Good

Radiator Good

Water Pump Good

Alternator Good

Batteries / Cables Good

Lighting Good

Starter Good

Wiring Good

Leaks No

Transmission - Noisy No

Case Good

Cooler Good

Drive Shaft Good

Lines / Fittings Good

Overall Operating Condition Good

Pump Good

Seals Good

Torque Converter Good

Transfer Case Good

Transmission - Forward Shifts Good

Transmission - Reverse Shifts Good

Universal Joints Good

Articulate P & B Good

Pivot P & B Trunnions Good

Steering Linkage Good

Steering Valves / Pumps Good

Cylinders Fair

Hose Lines Good

Propel Motor Good

Propel Pump Good

Tank Good

Cleaner Bars Fair

Drum Drive Planetaries Good

Drum Hubs Good

Drum Scrapers Fair

Drum Surface Fair

Pad Feet Fair

Cutting Edge & Bits Poor

Face / Moldboard Good

Pins Good

Push Arm Good



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