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Equipment & Components Built to be Rebuilt

While other competitive models require replacement, Cat® equipment is built to be rebuilt. Rebuild programs from Blanchard Machinery allow customers to put new life into a single component or an entire machine. That's just one of many reasons why Cat machines are a good investment. Save money and get a second life out of your machine with one of our certified rebuilds. Not only do we specialize in Cat Certified Rebuilds, but we also work on any brand of machine you own.


We offer several types of machine rebuilds depending on your need:

  • Custom Rebuild - A custom machine rebuild from Blanchard Machinery allows you to choose which systems and components of your machine should be rebuilt to extend the life of your machine.

  • Cat Certified Rebuild - The Caterpillar Certified Rebuild Program offers a like-new machine with a new warranty and serial number, all at a fraction of the cost of a comparable new machine.


From minor overhauls to entire engine rebuilds, from torque converters to transmissions, our Component Rebuild services offer maximum value with minimum downtime.

Each rebuild is performed to meet exact Caterpillar reuse guidelines and specifications. They also include all critical engineering updates. All rebuilt engines are dynamometer tested, and all rebuilt transmissions are performance verified on our transmission test bench. This assures you the correct performance and quality for years to come.

Before:                                                   After:

Certifield Rebuild Before Certified Rebuild After

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The Certified Rebuild Program starts with a complete machine inspection. The machine is then completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up. We'll include all Caterpillar product updates. Next, more than 350 tests and inspections are performed to ensure the same high level of quality as a new Cat machine. This includes the automatic replacement of more than 7,000 parts so that you avoid the expense and downtime of chasing problems through the system one repair at a time.

Cat Certified Hydraulic Rebuilds:

Extend the life of your machine and simultaneously improve your fuel consumption with a Cat Certified Hydraulic Repair. Our full-system approach will completely restore hydraulic & hydrostatic drive systems to like-new performance. Restore all “wet” hydraulic components including pumps, motors, valves, accumulators, hoses, tubes, tanks, coolers and cylinders. These rebuilds are backed by Cat specifications and a one-year, 2,000-hour warranty.

Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuilds:

We stand behind our work. A Cat Certified Powertrain rebuild not only replaces or reconditions over 3,000 parts on your machine, but we will also include all critical engineering updates and improvements. That's why we do 200 tests and inspections to make sure you're getting the same high quality machine you'd expect from a Cat powertrain. Your new powertrain is also backed by extended coverage through Caterpillar and fully supported by Blanchard Machinery.

Maintenance and Repair from Blanchard Machinery

No matter the issue, we can help you keep your equipment running in our machine shop.

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