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Priced to Move - About our Rental Fleet Rollout Sale

Considering a Used Machine? That's Smart Thinking.

Heavy equipment can be costly. We, as dealers, help you manage the costs by taking the equipment that was formerly rented out to clients and selling it used. At Blanchard Rental Services, a division of Blanchard Machinery, we have affordable, high-quality rental equipment for sale to fit all your industry needs. With various equipment from different manufacturers, including Cat, you can be sure to find what you're looking for in our inventory of used machinery. Used equipment is priced lower than new which helps you to expand your options without expanding your budget. See something on the hotlist that you are interested in? Call us to make an offer!

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Save money by buying in South Carolina (see §12-36-2110)
$500 sales tax on used equipment (160 Net HP and under) purchased and picked up at a Blanchard location.


Rental Construction Equipment for Sale

At Blanchard Machinery, we have a wide range of previous Cat® equipment rentals that are now for sale. Once time has passed, we stop renting these machines and make them available for purchase.

Used rental construction equipment is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment which can be on the pricier side. With so many different makes and models, you can find an option that meets your industry's requirements.

Benefits of Buying Former Rental Equipment

There are many advantages to buying previously rented equipment, from cost and performance to resale value.

Cost Savings

In many cases, when a company puts rental equipment up for sale, the machines are still relatively new and haven't significantly depreciated in value. These pieces of heavy equipment might be only a few years old and are available at low prices, so you can save thousands of dollars. You can put that extra money toward something else that will benefit your business, such as attachments, maintenance, or additional equipment.

Quality and Performance

Just because rental equipment is used doesn't mean it's any less dependable or productive than newer models. Because rental equipment is often retired after just a few years in use, these machines still work reliably and efficiently. At used sale prices, you get years of quality operation out of these machines while helping your bottom line.

Regular Maintenance

At Blanchard Machinery Company, our expert technicians perform regular maintenance checks and services each time our rental equipment goes out to a new customer to ensure that it is functioning at its best for our renters. One of the benefits of buying former rental equipment is that you can feel confident in your purchase knowing that it is well-maintained with detailed service records. This reduces the likelihood that you'll have to make future repairs.

Better Resale Value

Buying used rental equipment also helps you achieve a greater resale value. Heavy equipment depreciates over time — but because rental equipment sells at considerably low prices, you'll get a much higher resale value for it than you would if you bought a new machine.

Find Rental Equipment for Sale at Blanchard Machinery

At Blanchard, we have the high-quality rental construction equipment for sale that you need. We also offer attachments, parts, and services to suit a wide array of industries and the excellent customer service you deserve.

Contact us online to learn more about the benefits of buying former rental equipment or call us at (844) 252-6242.

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