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Why Choose Cat Parts?

Blanchard believes in providing our clients with the highest quality parts and equipment while offering our expertise to make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish. Choosing a genuine Cat parts dealer has many benefits for your business:

  • Quality: Cat parts are made from the highest quality materials and thoroughly tested to maximize performance. Cat parts are also built by Cat engineers, ensuring they’ll suit your equipment’s specifications.
  • Exact fit: Cat parts are made to match the precise specifications of your Cat equipment, which you may not find with inauthentic or alternative equipment parts. Having parts that are an exact fit for your machinery ensures durability, reliability and a longer life span, which will benefit you most in the long run.
  • Warranty: Cat parts can come with a warranty, allowing you to replace these parts if something goes wrong. Using Cat parts for your equipment repairs and maintenance also helps ensure you can maintain your machinery’s original warranty.
  • Resale: Using genuine Cat parts helps maintain your equipment’s integrity, which allows you to maximize your resale value. Using non-genuine parts can impact your ability to resell your equipment for as much as it’s worth, affecting your investment return.
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