Cat’s VisionLink® online software allows you to continuously monitor the factors that affect your fleet’s productivity using data collected from a Product Link unit installed on your machine. Imagine knowing exactly where your equipment is at every moment. Think about what it would mean to your bottom line to have your finger on the pulse of your fleet’s health. With different subscription level options, Blanchard can help configure exactly what you need to optimize your fleet and drive additional profit.

VisionLink Training Webinar
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VisionLink Allows You To:

  • Manage the location & usage of machines
  • Track upcoming maintenance and major repairs
  • Order parts directly from Parts.Cat.Com
  • View online fluid analysis with SOS (Scheduled Oil Sampling)
  • Manage fault and diagnostic codes
  • Increase machine availability and productivity
  • Identify the need for training in order to improve operator efficiency
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VisionLink® for Monitoring Fleets of Mixed Equipment

While VisionLink® is an integral part of any new Cat machine, it isn’t strictly limited to Cat iron. Mixed fleet owners get a simple yet technologically advanced method for managing equipment, reducing consumption, staying on top of maintenance schedules, and improving worksite productivity all while using a single condition monitoring system.

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