Blanchard Machinery’s History

Blanchard Machinery Company’s history began in 1952 when the Joseph L. Rozier Machinery Co., a LeTourneau Dealer, moved its operation from the Midwest to central Florida to represent the Caterpillar product line in Orlando. The decision to make the move to Florida was built on the speculation of future growth in the area – speculation that was, of course, fully realized.

Mr. Rozier remained active in the company until his passing in the 1970’s, when Mr. Rozier’s son-in-law, G. Robert Blanchard, took, the helm. In 1982, seeing a promising opportunity for Caterpillar products in South Carolina, Robert Blanchard established Blanchard Machinery Company. Robert Blanchard remained active in the South Carolina dealership until 1996, when his son, Joe Blanchard, was appointed President.

In 1996, when Joe Blanchard became President of Blanchard Machinery Company, the company was comprised of two divisions, Heavy Construction and Power Systems. Blanchard Machinery has since grown to encompass six divisions and numerous Cat and non-Cat product lines.

With Joe Blanchard’s passing in 2022, his sons continued their father’s stewardship of Blanchard Machinery as the fourth generation of leadership. Together, Boyd Blanchard, President, and Joseph “Rozier” Blanchard, Jr., Executive Vice President, are committed to propelling Blanchard’s growth while ensuring the values and philosophy established by previous generations of the Blanchard Family continue to guide Blanchard Machinery.

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