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Helping You Build South Carolina

We Build SCYou may have seen this sticker around town. You may have heard someone mention it. We Build SC is more than a slogan and a sticker. It is a campaign built around the appreciation of all of the hard-working men and women here in South Carolina.

For more than 35 years, Blanchard Machinery has been at the forefront of South Carolina's exponential growth. As the only certified Cat® equipment dealer in the state, we pride ourselves in being a dependable partner for the cities, counties, and businesses that have helped to build the state.

For us at Blanchard, it has always been about delivering the highest quality equipment paired with unmatched service and support to anyone helping to build this great state. Blanchard will continue to be there for you no matter what the future holds.

Our customers have helped to build South Carolina and we are proud to have been there step-by-step supporting them with equipment, parts, services, and people dedicated to helping them succeed. Together, WE BUILD SC.