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Stay in control of your productivity and profits with our grade control, grade checking, and computer software systems. These systems use tools that help you through the process of site prep, job layout, leveling, and alignment with impeccable accuracy. Blanchard makes it easier to take your grading work from estimates to inception.

  • Dozer Systems: Optimize dependability and performance by ordering with the purchase of new machines or installing to upgrade older machines.
  • Motor Grader Systems: Increase your productivity by keeping site plans, design surfaces, grades, and alignments inside the cab of larger machines.
  • Excavator Systems: Operators can excavate trenches, slopes, and complex jobs with greater accuracy and control while using interior guidance features.
  • Scraper Systems: Giving operators access to site plans, design surfaces, and alignments so they can efficiently compare design elevation and easily compute cut and blade position.
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Laser & GPS Systems

Available through the Blanchard Parts department, SITECH’s Spectra Precision Lasers and GPS Receiver System work together to give machine operators remote, long-range control of machines from the comfort of their cab. Whether permanently installed or mounted on a pole for positioning tasks, this technology transmits wireless signals that provide you better control over leveling and elevation of construction sites while letting you navigate and track your machines.

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