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What would benefit your business the most; a loan, a lease, or a line of credit? It helps to take a look at your various financing options side-by-side as you make this decision. Compare different financial products using this table:







Who has ownership? You do, at the end of the contract You do, but you have the option to return at lease-end We do, but you have the option to purchase at lease-end You have immediate access to cash for any business need You can access funds quickly with a simple request
Am I building equity? Yes, faster than a finance lease Yes, but slower than a loan No No No
Who benefits from tax depreciation? You do You do We do N/A N/A
How high or low is my monthly payment? Higher Lower Lowest N/A N/A
What is the purchase option? N/A A bargain option to reduce your payment Predetermined fair market value N/A N/A
Is there contract flexibility? Yes Yes Some Yes Yes
Are there early payoff restrictions? No No Some N/A N/A
Who pays personal property tax? You do (varies by state) You do (varies by state) We do, then invoice you N/A N/A
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