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HMF210 Flail Mower

HMF210 Flail Mower

Cat® Flail Mowers for Mini Excavators are designed for high-performance cutting and mulching of vegetation and undergrowth from overgrown and forested terrain. Flail Mowers are ideal for environmental maintenance applications, such as mowing along ditches, fence rows and retention ponds and cleaning up high banks and slopes.

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Working Width39.4in

Required HydraulicsStandard Flow

Overall Width46.6in

Optimal Hydraulic Flow70-130 L/min (18-34 gpm)

Maximum Cutting Diameter50-75 mm (2-3 in)

Swinging Teeth per Drum16


Overall Height30.2in


Drive MethodV-Belt Drive

MotorAxial Piston

Optimal Hydraulic Pressure150-250 bar (2175-3626 psi)

Drum Speed2560-2630 RPM



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