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B9s Silenced Hydraulic Hammer

B9s Silenced Hydraulic Hammer

Cat® Hammers for Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders, Mini Excavators and Backhoe Loaders are high performance breakers, designed for maximum performance on demolition, construction, and road work.

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Operating Weight - With Tool1142lb

Energy Class958.8ft·lbf

Machine Class7-10 Ton Mini Excavators, 415-450 Backhoe Loaders (No Side Shift)

Tool Shaft Diameter3.3in

Impact Frequency400-800 bpm

Minimum Operating Pressure1846psi

Minimum Carrier Weight18150.6lb

Optimal Hydraulic Flow60-100 lpm (15.9-26.4 gpm)

Overall Width15.7in

Overall Length20.9in

Overall Height68.2in

Height - Without Tool51in

Sound Level125 dB

Mounting Bracket SizeExtra Large



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