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Hydraulic Connecting S Type Coupler HCS70/55: 582-9976

Hydraulic Connecting S Type Coupler HCS70/55: 582-9976

Cat® Hydraulic Connecting S Type Couplers connect to your machine’s hydraulics and electronics giving you the ability to pick up an attachment with full functionality in seconds without leaving the cab. These couplers deliver the productivity and versatility benefits you expect from a coupler. Additionally, they bring safety to your people, equipment, and overall operation while increasing the life of the other attachments in your fleet.

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Machine Class24-30

Maximum Operating Pressure5076psi

1/2" Hydraulic Connectors (Mounted)2

1/2" Hydraulic Connector Flow21gal/min

3/4" Hydraulic Connectors (Optional)2

3/4" Hydraulic Connector Flow59gal/min

1" Hydraulic Connectors (Mounted)2

1" Hydraulic Connector Flow100gal/min


Lift Hook Capacity8ton (US)





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