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C7.1 (Electronic Control System)

C7.1 (Electronic Control System)

C7.1 (Electronic Control System)

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Maximum Rating100 ekW - 200 ekW (125 kVA - 250 kVA)

Speed1,500 rpm / 1,800 rpm

EmissionsIMO II, IMO III (SCR required) U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage V, China II

ConfigurationInline 6, 4-Stroke Cycle Diesel


AspirationTurbocharged / Aftercooled

GovernorElectronic (A5 ECM)



Refill CapacityLube Oil System w/oil filter change: 21 L / 5.6 gal

Oil Change Interval500 hrs

Rotation from Flywheel EndCounterclockwise

CoolingHeat exchanger, Seperate Circuit Keel Cooled, Combined Circuit Keel Cooled, Radiator Cooled

Length76.3 in /1,940 mm

Height49.7 in / 1,263 mm

Engine Dry Weight3355 lb / 1,522 kg

Width38.0 in / 965 mm


Common Rail Fuel System

Mounted Air Cleaner

Integral Plate Type Oil Cooler

Isolated Sump

Anti-vibration Mounts

Gear Driven Sea Water Pump

Gear Driven Jacket Water Pump

Safety Shutdowns

Water Cooled Exhaust Manifold

Watercooled Turbocharger


Marine Classification Society (MCS) Approval

Generator Space Heater

Engine Jacket Water Heater

Duplex Oil Filters

Duplex Fuel Filters

Double Wall High Pressure Fuel Lines

Additional Starter Motor

Fuel Cooler (Radiator cooled only)

Charging Alternator

PTO Drive

Service Parts Kit

Generator Droop Kit

Glow Plugs to Aid Cold Weather Starting



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