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C7.1 High Performance Propulsion Engine

C7.1 High Performance Propulsion Engine

The C7.1 marine propulsion engineis ideal for recreational boating applications, specifically smaller vessels and motoryachts ranging from 25 -60 feet in size. The engine features a common rail fuel system enabling optimum combustion and low emissions. The engines provide noticeably quiet operation due to reduced combustion noise through advanced electronic control. Additionally, no visible smoke is emitted from the C7.1 engines during operation.

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Power Range400 bhp - 500 bhp (298 bkW - 373 bkW)

Speed Range2900 rpm

EmissionsIMO II, U.S. EPA Tier 3, RCD II, China II

Rotation from Flywheel EndCounterclockwise



AspirationTurbocharged, aftercooled


ConfigurationIn-line 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel

Width - Engine31.4in


Engine Dry Weight - Approximate1676lb

Length - Engine43.1in


Water cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifold

Common rail fuel system

Corrosion resistant sea water aftercooler

Closed crankcase ventilation system

Starter motors - 12V or 24V

Fuel cooler

Integral engine oil cooler

Vibration damper and guard

Electric fuel priming pump

Self-tensioning multi-vee alternator drive belt

Gear driven sea water pump (rubber impeller)

Fin and tube type jacket water heat exchanger

Front and rear engine mounting brackets


Alternators - 24V 140 amp - 12V 175 amp

Transmission gear oil cooler (engine mounted)

Instrument Panels

Glow plugs

Jacket water heater

6" water cooled exhaust elbow

Isolation mounts

Primary fuel filter/water separator (remote mount)

Selection of factory-fitted marine transmissions and oil hoses

Cabin heater (calorifier) connections

Triple groove PTO pulley (crankshaft mounted)

Flexible fuel hoses

Right-hand and high level left hand oil dipsticks



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