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XQ2280 Tier 4 Final

The Cat® XQ2280 rental power module meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

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Rating Prime1825 ekW (2280 kVA)

Frequency60 Hz

Voltage480/277 V

Fuel/Emissions StrategyU.S. EPA Tier 4 Final

Rating Standby2000 ekW (2500 kVA)

EngineCat® 3516C


Width - Without Chassis96in

Height - Without Chassis2896mm

Length - Without Chassis576in

Weight - Without Chassis, With Lube Oil and Coolant82000lb


Reliable, rugged, durable design

Electronic ADEM A4 engine control

EPA Tier 4 Final and CARB Emissions Certified

Turbocharged, air to water aftercooled

Aftertreatment module.
DEF System


3 Phase, brushless, 12 lead, Permanent Magnet Excited

1667 Frame

Coastal insulation protection and anti-condensation space heaters

Integrated voltage regulator (IVR) with VAR/PF control

Sized for 120°C temperature rise at 40°C ambient


EMCP 4.4 Genset mounted digital controller

Externally accessible Color Touch-Screen HMI Control Center

Manual and automatic paralleling capability


Electrical governing system ADEM A3


Provides package monitoring and management


Horizontally, isolation-mounted radiator withvertical air discharge from the container

Provides 43°C ambient capability at Prime ratingand 500m


120V, 50 Amp battery charger

60 Amp charging alternator

Solar maintainer for batteries

Dual 24V Electric Starting Motors


1050-gal (3975 L) double-wall fuel tank, UL 142and ULc 601 Listed and complies with Transport Canada requirements, 10-hour runtime @ 75%prime, external fuel fill

Transfer pump to on-board and off-board fuel

Primary fuel filters (3x) with integral water separator

External connections for fuel transfer and fuel tank overflow


Externally accessible, Vibration Isolated, 3200A LSIG, UL Listed, 100 kAIC breaker withadvanced protections and power metering

Busbar connections

Removable plexiglass plate w/safety switch for livebus protection


48' ISO high cube container

Sound level is 81 dB(A) at 7 meters per SAEJ1074 measured at 75% prime load

Sound attenuated air intake louvers and five lockable personnel doors with panic release


Full flow oil filters with water-cooled oil cooler

Oil drain lines routed to the engine rail


Factory tested and inspected

Full manufacturer's warranty

UL, NEMA, ISO, and IEEE standards



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