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TH53-E60 Transmission

TH53-E60 Transmission

Your operation depends on the power driving it. And your transmission is as crucial to your power solution as the engine. Cat transmissions are proven in the oil and gas industry and widely known for their exceptional power, leading durability, ease of operation, and shifting options.TH53-E60 transmissions are ideal for pressure pumping applications. TH53-E60 transmissions are optimized for use with Cat 3512C (HD) and Cat 3512E (HD) engines. Cat transmissions are backed by the worldwide network of Cat dealers ready to support your operation with technical support, service, parts, and warranty. Cat TH53-E60 oilfield transmission. Gross input power: 1865 bkW (2500 bhp).

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Gross Input Power2500BHP

Gross Peak Input Torque8914ft-lb

Rated Input Speed1900r/min


1F Gear Ratio4.54

2F Gear Ratio3.33

3F Gear Ratio2.99

4F Gear Ratio2.46

5F Gear Ratio2.20

6F Gear Ratio1.62


Cat 3512C (HD)

Cat 3512E (HD)


Input rotation — counterclockwise

Output rotation — counterclockwise(as viewed from rear)


Factory installed torque converter

Series — TC58733-ESLF

Stall torque ratio — 2.30


Clutches — electro-hydraulic fully modulated, oil cooled, multidisc

Clutch modulation control — Cat Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)


2 cooler

1 electrical


Cat Transmission/Drive Train Oil-4 (TDTO)

Oil temperatures continuous - 80°C (195°F)

Hydraulic Fill Capacity — Approx. 108L (28.5 gal), 104 L (27.5 gal) initial fill; 87 L (23 gal) refill; subject to cooler size, lines, and installation

Filter Type — 6 micron synthetic, cartridge remote mount


Input connection (flywheel) — SAE #0

Output connections (yoke) - GWB 390.65, GWB 390.60

Structural application subject to Caterpillar approval


Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Electronic data link, SAE J1939

Electrical system 24V


Mounting Type: J704 SAE Bolt, Location: 12 o’clock, Rated Power: 150HP @1900RPM

Mounting Type: J744 SAE C, Location: 10 o’clock, Rated Power: 150HP @1900RPM



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