Owning an efficient and dependable piece of heavy equipment starts with installing a high-quality battery. If the engine fails to turn over, your machine cannot function. To produce maximum results, you need a battery that will start every time, even in extreme temperatures and the most demanding environments.

Using a high-performing battery for your heavy equipment will result in fewer failures and less downtime, giving you the confidence to tackle any job.

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Genuine Cat Batteries for Sale in South Carolina

Blanchard Machinery offers several Cat® battery types based on your equipment’s specifications and working environment. Our experienced team can provide the product support you need to determine which Cat battery best suits your application. Besides carrying an extensive battery inventory at our multiple South Carolina locations, we have an even broader selection available online.

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General Service Line Batteries From Caterpillar

Cat General Service Line (GSL) batteries provide excellent value and high performance in lighter-duty commercial, automotive and recreational applications. These batteries come in low-maintenance and maintenance-free designs, as well as wet-cell and dry-cell options. We offer these batteries in 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt models to accommodate various needs, including:

  • Riding mowers and lawn tractors
  • Fishing vessels, patrol boats, yachts and personal watercraft
  • ATVs, utility vehicles, campers and motorhomes
  • Snowmobiles, golf carts, UTVs and other recreational vehicles
  • School buses and transit buses
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Cat Premium High-Output Batteries

New Cat generator sets and heavy equipment come installed with Premium High Output (PHO) batteries. PHO batteries endure strict testing to meet Caterpillar’s highest manufacturing standards. These batteries deliver the performance you need when tackling the most demanding jobs in the harshest weather and on the most challenging terrain.

Cat PHO batteries are compatible with many equipment types, including light trucks, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and generators. These Deep Cycle batteries outperform other brands by lasting up to three times longer. They meet or exceed industry standards in various tests and quality control measures.

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Cat Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries

Cat Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) batteries help you protect critical manufacturing or computer equipment from damage during a sudden power outage, decrease or fluctuation. These devices can deliver power to hospitals and other essential operations during an outage. Cat UPS batteries offer the best solutions for reliability and cost-efficiency when protecting your most valuable equipment.

Cat UPS batteries endure multiple quality control checks to meet NFPA 110 standards and achieve the capacity ratings needed for a standby power system. A Cat UPS battery is the best solution when you require a source for short-term, immediate power.

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Benefits of Using Cat Batteries for Your Industrial Applications

Several benefits you’ll experience when using Cat premium batteries for your equipment include:

Maintenance-free batteries save you time and money in the long run with fewer replacements and repairs.

Cat batteries deliver the power you need for a smooth start in the most extreme temperatures.

Faster starts mean decreased downtime and a higher battery charge over extended periods.


For nearly four decades, Blanchard Machinery has supplied premium Cat batteries and other heavy equipment parts to customers across South Carolina. Let us show you how a new Cat battery can boost your equipment’s performance and save money for your business. Call us at 844.252.6242reach out to us online or stop by one of our convenient locations to learn more. You can also place your battery order today.

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