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Protecting your heavy equipment from dirt, debris and other contaminants is critical to your machinery's health and your workers' safety. High-quality filters will keep all your systems running clean and performing at their best. Cat® filters trap dust, dirt and other particles to keep your equipment's fluids, cavities and airways clean and flowing smoothly.

Blanchard Machinery offers an extensive range of filters to provide the protection you need, from engine oil to fuel to hydraulic fluid. These filters endure strict testing and quality control measures to meet the highest industry standards. We stock many filter types at our facilities throughout South Carolina and offer an even more comprehensive selection online.

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Genuine Cat Filters for Sale in South Carolina

Cat Filters

While other filter brands may fit your Cat equipment, only Cat filters meet your machine's precise measurements and specifications. Our filters offer various performance and efficiency levels, helping you achieve maximum results. Blanchard Machinery's knowledgeable and experienced staff can help guide you if you're unsure which filter is best for your equipment.

Several examples of the filters we supply include:

  • Air filters: Cat air filters are vital for protecting your equipment's critical engine components and providing a safe working environment for your employees. We offer engine air filters to optimize your machine's performance and ensure it receives the correct mixture of fuel and air. Our cabin filters reduce airborne irritants and create a cleaner, more comfortable environment for your equipment operators.
  • Engine oil filters: Keeping your engine oil clean is vital for maintaining peak system performance and eliminating unwanted downtime. Cat engine oil filters protect your engine from toxic contaminants that can compromise your machine's performance. We offer standard, advanced and ultra-high efficiency (UHE) oil filters to deliver optimal protection and performance.
  • Fuel filters: Installing a high-performance fuel filter can prevent clogging by keeping rust, dirt, debris and other contaminants out of your fuel system. Cat fuel filters maximize your fuel flow and safeguard your engine components to improve overall performance. We offer primary fuel filters, secondary fuel filters and fuel water separators with standard, advanced efficiency and UHE options.
  • Hydraulic and transmission filters: Cat hydraulic and transmission filters are essential for maintaining your machine's performance. Their primary functions are cleaning the fluids that deliver the hydraulic force, keeping the system sealed, providing lubrication and preventing surface friction. We carry these filters in multiple designs to fit your application's needs, including a UHE fire-resistant hydraulic filter.

Benefits of Choosing Caterpillar for Your Filter Needs

Since you trust Cat equipment to handle your most challenging jobs, it makes sense to equip your machinery with Cat filters. You'll receive the highest protection possible with other benefits like:

  • An application-specific design: Engineers design Cat filters with a specific machine in mind, centering the filter's efficiency and life span around the device's intended use and environment.
  • Unsurpassed quality: Caterpillar uses the highest-quality materials to manufacture its filters and the most rigorous testing to meet performance standards.
  • Ease of installation: Because they have model-specific designs, Cat filters perfectly fit your equipment and allow for easy cleaning, removing and replacing.

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If you're looking for Cat filters for your equipment in the South Carolina area, you've come to the right place. Find the reliable solutions you need today. Let our team answer all your questions and show you why Cat filters are the best solution to improve your machinery's efficiency and performance. Call 844-252-6242, connect with us online or visit one of our locations today.

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