Using the correct fluids in your Cat® equipment is vital for maintaining peak efficiencies and optimal performance. Because you made a significant investment in your machinery, choosing the best fluids and other maintenance products makes sense. Using Cat fluids at the appropriate intervals will lead to longer equipment life spans, healthier emission systems and improved fuel economy.

Blanchard Machinery offers various fluids to meet the needs of your equipment’s critical operating systems. Whether you stop by one of our South Carolina locations for quick pickup or order your fluids online, we have all your needs covered. Our expert team is available to help you choose the best fluid option for your equipment based on its specific model and application.

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Genuine Cat Fluids for Sale in South Carolina

If you use lower-quality and cheaper fluid options, you risk subjecting your equipment to operational issues and permanent damage. When you choose fluids that meet the manufacturer’s precise recommendations, you get the best results. Engineers employ the industry’s most stringent quality control measures and testing procedures to ensure these fluids meet Caterpillar’s highest performance standards.

The three primary system fluids we offer at Blanchard Machinery are oils, greases and coolants.

Advantages of Choosing Caterpillar for Your Equipment’s Fluid Requirements

In addition to the many benefits that Cat fluids provide to your equipment, you’ll experience many other advantages when working with Blanchard Machinery, including:

  • Unparalleled technical expertise: With decades of experience servicing the South Carolina area, we’re familiar with all Cat equipment models and the optimal solutions to service them.
  • A comprehensive inventory: We offer an extensive selection of Cat fluids for fast pickup or delivery to accommodate all your Cat equipment.
  • Superior quality: When you choose Cat fluids for your machinery, you know you’re receiving a product that meets the most demanding manufacturing standards.
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If you need Cat fluids for your heavy equipment in South Carolina, Blanchard Machinery can cover all your requirements. Let us show you all the advantages Cat fluids and other Cat maintenance products can provide. Reach out to us online, call 844.252.6242 or visit one of our facilities today for more information. You can also place your fluid order online to receive fast shipping.

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