Caterpillar features an entire line of heavy equipment sensors designed to endure the most challenging jobs in the harshest manufacturing environments. Cat® sensors can function in applications involving extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, high humidity, corrosion, and excessive dust. These sensors are ideal for industrial, engine, diesel and off-highway operations.

At Blanchard Machinery, we offer an extensive range of Cat sensors to keep your equipment in peak operating condition with decreased downtime. As the authorized Cat dealer in South Carolina since 1982, we understand how critical it is to have quick and easy access to the best equipment parts. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can provide the insight and technical information you need to match your machine’s exact specifications.

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Cat Equipment Sensors for Sale

In addition to offering an extensive parts inventory at our locations throughout the region, our Parts.Cat.Com online store gives you access to the market’s most comprehensive selection of sensors and other parts 24 hours per day, seven days a week. We supply sensors for all Cat equipment types, including heavy machinery, generators, utility trucks and more. These parts use only the highest-quality materials and endure the strictest testing procedures to deliver long-lasting performance.

Several of the primary sensor types we offer include:

Liquid level sensors help track all your equipment’s vital fluids, from fuel to oil to coolant and more.

These sensors can measure the distance an object travels by tracking its motion and relaying this information through an electrical signal. All Cat position sensors are application specific. Examples include cylinder position sensors, rotary sensors, and steering wheel position sensors.

Pressure sensors measure the amount of pressure in a gas or liquid. These sensors are critical for controlling pressure in fuel, air, engine oil and exhaust systems and other engine-related applications. Some examples are connector pressure sensors, high-pressure pulse width modulation (PWM) sensors and wire-leaded pressure sensors.

Speed and timing sensors, also called crank or crankshaft position sensors, function by reading the teeth on the crankshaft and determining the rotation speed. Several examples of these are low-speed timing sensors, hail-effect active speed sensors and high-accuracy timing sensors.

Cat temperature sensors use thermocouples and thermistors to calculate the temperature in your machine’s vital systems. Specific models include active and passive temperature sensors, PWM temperature sensors and gas exhaust thermocouples.

Benefits of Partnering with Blanchard Machinery for Cat Sensors

Blanchard Machinery has been the most reliable and trusted heavy equipment dealer in South Carolina for over four decades. We understand what it means to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently at all times. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to some of the industry’s most knowledgeable staff for equipment guidance and advice.

If you need help finding which Cat sensor is the best fit for your specific machine, our team is ready to help.

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Browse our online selection of Cat sensors and place your order today for a speedy shipment. If you have questions or require additional product information, contact us online, call 844.252.6242 or stop by one of our convenient South Carolina locations today.

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