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As your authorized Cat® dealer in South Carolina, Blanchard Energy understands that you want to make every penny count.

Our high-grade used Cat generator sets deliver the performance you can rely on from any Blanchard Energy product, and pre-owned equipment can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new machines.

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Why Buy a Used Generator?

A used Cat generator provides several benefits for you and your business. Some advantages to buying used are:

Whether you’re looking for diesel generators or natural gas generators to satisfy your company’s energy needs, used generators present a cost-effective solution. Blanchard Energy has used Cat generators for sale that will provide value over the long term.

Used generators in good condition will still offer high performance that you can rely on, despite being previously used. When a used generator comes from a certified dealer, you can expect it to be in great working condition.

When you purchase a new generator, you’ll receive the machine as the manufacturer makes it, without modifications from previous owners. Buying a used generator set means you’ll be able to customize your application by making modifications like swapping out the original control boards.

When you buy a used generator set, you can take advantage of discounted equipment and a shorter lead time for your business. These benefits make used generators an excellent option for companies that need a backup generator right away.

Buying a used generator for industrial, backup or emergency applications requires less paperwork. When purchasing a used generator, you’ll still have to finalize the deal by filling out some paperwork, but the process is less involved, which allows for faster acquisition.


For more information about our used Cat generators for sale or to request a custom quote, reach out to a representative or visit your nearest Blanchard Energy location today.

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