Industrial Air Conditioner Rentals in South Carolina

The expert staff at Blanchard has unparalleled knowledge and experience in the cooling industry. Most of the models we rent use standard 20-inch ducting and work with remote thermostat controls. Our team can help you decide which portable air conditioner model is best suited for your rental application. Options include:

  • 5-ton air conditioner: Our 5-ton air conditioner is perfect for lighter-duty demands when space is at a premium. These units work well in spot-cooling applications in industrial and manufacturing environments.
  • 12-ton air conditioner: Our 12-ton air conditioner provides a low-power, high-efficiency option for various indoor and outdoor operations.
  • 30-ton air conditioner: The 30-ton air conditioner units from Blanchard Energy contain high-efficiency condenser coils with increased capacity and energy efficiency to handle the needs of larger indoor and outdoor areas.
  • 60-ton air conditioner: Our 60-ton air conditioners work well in more demanding industrial environments. They offer temporary or supplemental cooling for high-volume applications like manufacturing facilities or power stations.
  • 80-ton air conditioner: This 80-ton air conditioner goes beyond the small and midsize ranges, providing the necessary power for the most extensive cooling applications.

Benefits of Renting Portable Air Conditioners from Blanchard Energy

Our air conditioner rental units consist of heavy-duty materials and are ideal for temporary cooling during any outage, planned or emergency. The easy-to-use controls require little training and expertise. These units can also provide supplemental cooling to bolster your existing system when demands increase.

Some of the advantages that come with renting from Blanchard include:

Rentals provide the cooling service you need without committing to a large purchase. Our extensive inventory allows you to select the most cost-effective option for your application.

Use your portable air conditioner for exactly as long as you need it.

Our staff can help you choose the most effective model for your application or design an entire system to provide the amount of cooling you need.

You can trust our team of specialists to quickly deliver, install and start up your cooling unit at your job site.

Our rental agreements come with 24/7/365 service for all our machines.


Blanchard Energy has been the leading provider of industrial equipment rentals throughout South Carolina for many decades. Let the expert staff of our Energy division help you discover the most effective rental cooling solution for your operations. To learn more, visit one of our convenient locations, call us at 803.792.0033 or connect with us online today.



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