Portable Heater Rentals in South Carolina

Industrial heaters come in a wide range of options, including electric heaters, indirect fired heaters, and direct fired heaters. Electric models are generally best suited for tight work areas. Direct fired heaters are the most cost-effective and efficient fired heaters, operating with an open flame. Indirect fired heaters are the safest options for indoor applications, as they fire their burner into a heat exchange system that constrains the combustion byproducts and exhausts them through the flue.

Some of the models we offer include:

  • 15-kW – 30-kW electric heater: The 15-kW – 30-kW electric heater uses a high-output heating element combined with a powerful fan to produce spot-heating coverage for smaller, confined work environments.
  • 150-kW electric heater: Our 150-kW electric heater is entirely fume-, flame- and moisture-free, providing economical heating options for small-scale, indoor spaces.
  • Indirect fired heater: An indirect fired heater is among the safest models of workplace heaters available because it releases no combustion byproducts into the air. This design makes them perfect for almost any indoor application.
  • 600,000-Btu make-up air heater: The 600,000-Btu make-up air heater replaces removed air in an interior space. This heater has a 20-inch duct connection for issuing replacement air through various HVAC systems. It works as an efficient heat source in many indoor building applications.
  • 400,000- to 3.5-million-Btu direct fired heater: Our 400,000- to 3.5-million-Btu direct fired heater works well as a high-scale heating source for buildings, temporary shelters and expansive job sites. Despite its outstanding energy efficiency, this model offers some of the highest heating power levels available.
  • Maxi-Heat® towable indirect diesel heater: This towable indirect diesel heater provides heat for various industrial applications, including those in harsh conditions. This model features two independent burners that offer up to a combined 1,000,000 Btus of heat. The advanced iQ system calibrates each burner to provide reliable, trouble-free operation.
  • HK 3000GRTH mobile glycol heating system: The HK 3000GRTH system works well for various contracting and construction applications. While the compact and efficient process is energy-friendly, it still provides enough power to handle the most demanding tasks like thawing ground, curing concrete, or providing heat to expansive work areas.


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