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What are TA1 and TA2 Inspections?

When buying used, equipment inspections are critical in identifying problems before they escalate and result in unplanned downtime. Technical Analysis (TA) inspections can be beneficial by maximizing your machines life and helping to increase productivity.

A TA1 Inspection is a visual inspection of a machine performed by an experienced technician at the customer’s jobsite or at the dealership.

Your TA1 Inspection covers the following:

  • Fluid Level, Color, and Condition Check
  • Leak and Sealing Condition Checks
  • Visible Structural and Wear Checks
  • Noise Checks
  • Broken, Lose, or Missing Parts Check

Need an Additional Look?

Your TA2 Inspection covers everything included in a TA1, plus more:

  • Pressure Checks
  • Cycle Time Checks
  • Cylinder Drift Checks
  • Back to Factory Standards
  • Fault Codes Download
  • Scheduled Oil Sampling

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