Hydraulic Hose Repair


When you have an important job, spending the day at the hose shop is the last thing your team needs. At Blanchard Machinery, we offer a range of solutions and are dedicated to providing the right level of service and advice to suit your needs. Blanchard Hydraulic Hose Shops specialize in hydraulic hose and couplings repair and have the tooling and expertise to build almost any hose assembly you’ll need on the spot. In fact, we can usually have it ready in 30 minutes or less from when you arrive. Call ahead and we will have your order ready for you to pick up or ask us to ship it out.

Cat® Hose & Couplings

Whether you need Cat hose and couplings or components for another brand, we assemble your solution correctly the first time. Share the part numbers for any components you need replaced, and we’ll start putting your hydraulic hose and couplings together. Our in stock parts are the most durable solutions available. That quality means you receive the benefit of speed and high performance.

Blanchard offers multi-channel service solutions to meet every customer’s need for speed. Do-it-Yourself servicing is immediate, and we also guarantee swift support from our field technicians and in-store with our expert staff.

At Blanchard Machinery, you are always in safe hands. Our technicians are uniquely skilled to assemble and install Cat Hose & Couplings on Cat and non-Cat equipment, using the latest tooling, assembly information, routing standards, inspection techniques, and contamination control processes to get every machine up and running quickly and reliably. We can also recognize any competitor’s Hose & Couplings and produce a superior Cat version to match. The result? Less downtime and more productivity for every machine.

Cat hydraulic Hose & Couplings are subjected to the most rigorous testing in the industry. Because they’re tested as a system and not as separate components, we ensure a perfect fit that delivers maximum safety and dependability. You name it, we test it: temperature adaptability, rubber compression and elongation, wire tensile-strength, hose impulse, metallurgical testing, burst pressure, abrasion, flexibility, and coupling salt-spray. Blanchard exceeds many key industry standards to guarantee unparalleled hydraulics safety and dependability in all kinds of machines.

We beat downtime through meticulous manufacturing, relentless innovation, and superior materials. Multiple-ply hose, strengthened with high tensile reinforcement wire, couplings forged and machined from high tensile strength steel, heat treated and plated to ensure maximum durability and corrosion resistance. No one makes Hose & Couplings like Cat.


We’re the exclusive dealer for Cat equipment in South Carolina. If you want to replace your hydraulic hose and couplings with quality parts, visit our Blanchard Hydraulic Hose Shops to get everything you need fast and from a single source.

Contact us online or call 844.236.2615 to get started! Want to visit us in person? Find the closest Blanchard Machinery Company location here!


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