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Custom-fit repairs are developed based on your specific equipment needs and unique business circumstances. You can get a lot of life out of your genuine Cat® parts as they are designed to be rebuilt. By taking advantage of their reusability, you can maximize the life and value of your machines. It is important to repair components before they fail because repairing them after failure can be as much as seven times more expensive to repair after failure.

We will walk you through a series of questions to determine four factors which will help you decide on a repair option: length of ownership, utilization, affordability, and turnaround time. From there you can make an informed decision based on what’s best for your business. Click below to learn more about rebuilding vs repairing your equipment, or when it’s time to replace the equipment altogether.

When to Repair, Rebuild or Replace Heavy Equipment
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What Level Should You Consider?

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  • Typically chosen when a machine is under 1,000 hours of utilization.
  • Includes bearings, seals, gaskets, and normal one-life “wear” parts.
  • Excludes external parts such as injectors, turbos, exhaust, electrical, electronics, and accessories.
  • Assumes all multiple-life parts meet Caterpillar reuse guidelines.
  • Also a choice when a machine is within 1,000 hours of utilization.
  • Includes all Level 1 parts.
  • Reconditions or replaces other critical parts not meeting Caterpillar reuse guidelines, including engine, transmissions, hydraulic systems, and undercarriage components.
  • Customer can specify the additional parts or accessories they need.
  • Complete rebuild including all Level 1 parts.
  • All multiple-life parts are inspected and reconditioned, replaced, or reused according to Caterpillar salvage and reuse guidelines.
  • Includes Dealer Exchange and Certified Machine Component Rebuilds.
  • This is a more advanced rebuild option.
  • Includes complete component exchange with Cat Reman components.
  • Offers the same warranty and durability as a new component.
  • The core charge refund is based on the condition of core.
  • Complete component replacement with factory-new Cat parts.
  • At this level, the utilization clock starts back at zero hours.
  • No core components are required to be reusable.
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