Sample Curriculum

Minimum Total Credit Hours: 69

DHM 111 Introduction to Caterpillar
DHM 101 Intro to Diesel Engines
MAT 170 Algebra, Geometry, And Trigonometry  OR MAT 110 College Algebra
WLD 116 Welding
CWE 114 Cooperative Work Experience I

DHM 265 Hydraulic Systems
DHM 173 Electrical Systems I
ENG 160 Technical Communications OR ENG 101 English Composition I
CWE 124 Cooperative Work Experience II

DHM 231 Diesel Air Conditioning
DHM 125 Diesel Fuel Systems
DHM 156 Fundamentals of Transmissions and Torque Converters
DHM 266 Machine Hydraulic Systems

CWE 214 Cooperative Work Experience III
DHM 267 Undercarriage/Final Drive
DHM 273 Electrical Systems II
ENG 260 Advanced Technical Communications OR ENG 102 English Composition II
Elective: Humanities/Fine Arts

CWE 224 Cooperative Work Experience IV
DHM 268 Caterpillar Engine Performance
DHM 269 Diagnostic Testing
DHM 270 Caterpillar Machine Specific Systems
ECO 201 Economic Concepts