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For applications where it is critical to expedite the paralleling of multiple generator sets onto a common bus, an alternate method called delayed excitation or dead-field paralleling is a viable approach, if properly implemented. Read More.

Distributed generation is a practical way for utilities and electricity users to manage risks and maximize profits in increasingly volatile energy commodity markets. Read More.

Cat® generator sets assembled at the Caterpillar facility in Piracicaba, Brazil, known as Power Systems Brazil (PSB), use alternators that feature an auxiliary coil (or auxiliary winding) and permanent magnets in the exciter stator.  Read More.

In order for generator sets to function as intended in hot climates, users must assess the ambient capability of the model prior to acquisition. The ambient capability, or ambient clearance of a generator set, is defined as the maximum ambient temperature in which the cooling system can operate effectively without causing the generator set to shutdown due to high engine temperature. Site conditions, including the altitude and relative humidity, will cause the ambient capability to vary. Read More.

Noise levels of a generator set can be an influential factor in purchasing decisions depending on the customer, application and code requirements…Read More.

CAT EMCP 4.4 Control System ensures continued safe and stable operation, load sharing and load response after loss of a communication link. Read More.

Some emergency and standby power applications require the ability to start up and accept electrical loads in less than 10 seconds.  With proper site design, most Cat® diesel generator set configurations are capable of supporting emergency power supply systems requiring emergency power restoration in less than 10 seconds. Read More.

System health and reliability are critical to backup and prime power solutions for every facility, from mission critical data centers to neighborhood grocery stores. A generator set is a key piece of the power system, and proper operation and maintenance are essential to long-term system reliability that ensures availability and uptime. Read More.

Advancing technologies enhance engine control to improve reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, emissions performance, and long-term ownership and operating costs. Read more about Gas Engine Technology.

When starting electric motors with a standby generator, it is important to understand the effect of the voltage dip when calculating the sizing criteria. This information sheet discusses the effects voltage drop can have on an electrical system and considerations that should be taken when designing and specifying an electrical system with motor loads. Read More.

Gas reciprocating engines and gas turbines both perform well in cogeneration service. The choice of technologies depends on the application characteristics. Sometimes the best solution is to combine the two. Read More.

With so many manufacturers using different specifications for their power and run-time criteria, it can be difficult to compare machines across manufacturers. Not only will this article help explain generator set ratings, you’ll also learn about standard classifications and important considerations that will help you make educated decisions when you’re designing and specifying equipment. Read More.

The Cat® Flywheel UPS supplies superior, fast-responding UPS performance using high efficiency line-interactive UPS technology. This paper describes the operation of the Cat flywheel-based UPS system. A battery-free line interactive UPS system, this family of products features high efficiency and generator set-friendly design. Read more about operating the Cat flywheel-based UPS system. Read More.