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2020 Metso LT106

Price: $465,850

  • Location COLUMBIA, SC

    Current Hours3376

  • Serial # 180626


  • Unit NumberR15040


Unit Number : R15040

Model LT106

Serial Number 180626

Year 2020

Hours 3376


State SC

Country US

Rating As-Is

Certification None

Price $465,850

  • Belly Conveyor, Belt Type
  • Debris Conveyor, Side Discharge
  • Engine Type - Diesel
  • Lighting
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Remote Control - Wireless
  • Toolbox

Cleaning Required No

Body Good

Covers Good

Decal Appearance Good

Doors Good

Engine Compartment Good

Paint Good

Tools Good

Safety Decals In Place Yes

Safety Decals Legible Yes

Cleaning Required? No

Leaks? - ENGINE No

Air Filter Good

Anti-Freeze Good

Belts / Pulleys Good

Exhaust / Muffler Good

Fan Good

Hoses Good

Oil Level - ENGINE Good

Radiator Good

Batteries / Cables Good

E-Stops Good

Remote Batteries Good

Wireless Remote Good

Screen Good

Wear Plates Good

Cheek Plates Good

Curtain (Liners) Good

Side Liners Good


Conveyor Cylinders Good

Crusher Cylinders Good

Filter Good

Hand Valves Good

Hopper Cylinders Good

Hoses & Tubes Good

Motor Good

Oil Levels Good

Pumps & Valves Good

Grease Gun Good

Bypass Conveyor Good

Impact Bed Good

Main Discharge Good

Return Rollers Good

Skirt Rubber Good

Tail Pulley Good

Tracks (Straight) Good

Tracks (Tension) Good

Troughing Rollers Good



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