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Mining in South Carolina is an extensive industry, with over 500 active operating permits. Most are surface mines, including open pits, strip mines and sand dredging from river bottoms. Open pit mines harvest granite and vermiculite, while the strip mines are for sand and gravel. Manufacturers use mined minerals to make crushed stone and cement.

South Carolina is also rich in kaolin clay deposits. The average person may not be familiar with this material, but it is in dozens of things you would least suspect, like shoes, dishes and the kitchen sink. The highly versatile clay makes an excellent filler.

Miners have also found gold in this state, with the Haile Gold Mine being one of the first to open almost 200 years ago. It is also the latest gold mine on the East Coast, and is currently seeking approval from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to expand its operations from 4,552 to 5,484 acres.

Mining equipment has changed significantly since Haile first opened. Modern machines make digging and drilling far more accessible. Pre-owned mining equipment is a cost-effective alternative for operations looking to reduce their expenses. The market offers different machinery, from loaders to crushers, which have proven their durability in South Carolina's mining operations.

But what is available, and where can you get it? This guide on used South Carolina mining equipment will answer these questions and more.

Used Mining Equipment

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Used Mining Equipment in South Carolina

well-maintained used mining equipment

Used mining equipment for sale in SC is often well-maintained, with many sellers providing detailed upkeep records. Buyers can check the used machine’s history and understand any weaknesses or issues. Other benefits are as follows.

  • Depreciation: Secondhand equipment has already undergone the first and steepest round of devaluation.
  • Availability: Once you have your machine, you can take it to the mine immediately, without worrying about manufacturing lead times.
  • Proved performance: These machines have already been field-tested and come with a service history, eliminating surprises.
  • Flexibility: The lower cost of used equipment can give buyers flexibility to get other equipment they might need for the job, all at the same price as buying a new machine.

Available Mining Equipment for Sale

Since availability fluctuates based on current market conditions, it is always a good idea to consult local dealers for the most up-to-date inventory. Then, inspect the equipment’s condition and maintenance history.

A top tip is to ask dealers if you can subscribe to email or text alerts when new machines relevant to your industry become available. You can then keep tabs on the market and take your time to find the right one for you.

Used equipment for mining operations includes the following.

  • Excavators: Different excavators handle tasks such as earth moving and trench digging. You can also get all sizes for extensive or small operations.
  • Compactors: Do you need a stable surface? Compactors have a padfoot for cohesive soils or a smooth drum for granular materials.
  • Forklifts: Forklifts can handle all terrains, including uneven mining sites. Indoor forklifts are essential for warehouse jobs.
  • Backhoe loaders: The backhoe loader does all the jobs other equipment struggles with, such as breaking rock and digging soil.
  • Articulated trucks: These vehicles are valuable for heavy hauling in off-road conditions. They can maneuver their way through challenging terrains where other trucks would get stuck, and they can do it while carrying a heavy load.
  • Blasthole drill: The mining industry relies on specialized heavy equipment, including drills for precision surface and underground mining. They have different operating modes based on the type of rock and scale of the operation. Keep a lookout to see which kinds are available.

Why Choose Blanchard’s Cat®  Mining Equipment?

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We have been in business since 1952 and have been family-owned since the very beginning. Many things have changed since then, but each generation has modernized the business while keeping the core of quality intact.

Today, we continue to support customers’ evolving demands in South Carolina and beyond. A few of our services include:

Industry-Leading Customer Value Agreement Available

We offer an unmatched Customer Value Agreement to protect your investment, backed by Caterpillar with our company’s support. We individualize each agreement to ensure you get parts, services and digital products for the machine’s lifetime. There are options available for maintenance and even total cost guarantees.

The benefits of a CVA include the following.

  • Easy ownership and service: You have all the information you need at your fingerprints, making owning our machines a breeze. We will execute your maintenance and repair needs based on youor choices. Predictive maintenance will allow us to prevent issues before they arise so you can maximize them.
  • Expert support: We have diagnostic and troubleshooting support for all your needs. Our team also can give guidance on best practices for your equipment use.

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