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ATC Contactor-Based Automatic Transfer Switch

ATC Contactor-Based Automatic Transfer Switch

Cat® transfer switches are designed for a variety of standby power applications. They provide flexibility, reliability and value in a compact package. The open and delayed transition contactor-based Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) provides fully functioning transfer in Applications where a momentary loss of power is acceptable during transfer and retransfers between normal and emergency power supply.

The closed transition contactor-based ATS is designed to Meet application requirements where emergency back up power is required with no momentary loss of power by connecting both sources before the transfer occurs. Closed transition also permits periodic testing of the emergency power source without interrupting power to the loads.

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Rating Range40-3000A

Transfer TypeOpen / Closed Transition

Switch TypeContactor Based

Control PowerWall Mount 40-600A 2 or 3 Pole
Floor Standing 600A 4 Pole & 800-1200A 2, 3, or 4 Pole

Two-Position ContactorsTwo-position contactors 40-400A

Three-Position ContactorsThree-position contactors 40-1200A

System Voltage ApplicationUp to 600 Vac, 50/60 Hz

Applicable TestingUL 1008 listed, CSA C22.2 No. 178 certified, IBC 2006, CBC 2007 and OSHPD


Caterpillar utilizes silver composition contacts designed to meet the stringent requirements of UL 1008. All contactors are designed so that the contacts can be visually inspected without major disassembly and are protected by arcing contacts.


All controls relays and industrial grade relays are totally encapsulated to minimize exposure to dust and dirt. Lugs are 90º rated and all control wire is #16 AWG, type XLPE with a 125º temperature rating.


Durable powder-coated steel NEMA 1, 3R or 12 enclosures with three door hinges to ensure proper support of the door and door mounted devices. The hinges have removable hinge pins to facilitate door removal for easy wall mounting or service and are supplied with pad-lockable latches.


2- or 4-position test switch

Controller availability: ATC-100, ATC-300+,and ATC-800

Delayed transition or closed transition

Multi-meter options available

Surge suppression

Space heaters

Field selectable, multi ratio, control voltage transformer 50/60 Hz

Selectable automatic or non-automatic operation

Remote communications

Load shed from emergency


Pre-transfer signal with 1 N.O. and 1 N.C. contacts

Time delay neutral



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