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Photovoltaic Module PVC

Photovoltaic Module PVC

The mono crystalline halfcut PERC (passivated emitter rear cell) photovoltaic modules provide excellent performance with low temperature coefficient. The modules provide high efficiency and power per module, maximizing energy capture.

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ApplicationCompatible with 1000V and 1500V plant architectures

Module TypeMono crystalline halfcut PERC

Nominal Power350W to 550W per panel


Produces more than 97.5% power in the first year and after 25 years 85.5%.


2000 hrs damp heat testing is twice the standard testing hrs. required

600 thermal cycling testing is three times the standard cycles required.

192 hrs of PID (potential-induced degradation) at 85°C/85RH) is twice the standard testing hrs. required.

Mechanical Load testing for Dynamic + Thermal Cycle + Humidity Freeze result in much less cell breakage and power loss than static testing alone.

60-100 kWh/m2 LID (light-induced- degradation) validates early hour performance.

LeTID (light and elevated temperature degradation) is a proprietary validation for long term PERC performance.

Validated for use in harsh environment by IEC testing for salt mist, amonia, dust and sand.



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