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This rental generator set extends the Caterpillar line of rental power options improving efficiency and reduced owning and operating costs. The XQC1200 is equipped with an enhanced control system, designed to reduce installation and startup time. It is configured to switch between 50 and 60Hz ratings at the press of a button. The control system features plant control programming and simulation, allowing complete system testing prior to generator set startup. Advanced product autonomy and monitoring capabilities reduce on-site manpower support requirements, minimize operator exposure to hazards, and permit site performance and maintenance data to be viewed, archived, and analyzed conveniently. Ideal in a stand-alone environment, combined with dozens of units in a power plant solution, or supporting utility systems worldwide.

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Rating1150kW (1438 kVA) Continuous

Frequency50/60 Hz

Voltage230 - 480 V

IPP Overload 50Hz1205 ekW (1506 kVA)

IPP Rated 60Hz1260 ekW (1575 kVA)

IPP Overload 60Hz1330kW; (1662KVA)

EngineCat 3512C


Weight - Without Chassis, With Fuel, Lube Oil and Coolant47440lb

Width - Without Chassis97.5in

Height - Without Chassis114in

Length - Without Chassis240in


Heavy duty, dual element, PowerCore air cleaners with service indicators

Secondary fuel filters

Full flow oil filters with water-cooled oil cooler. Requires API CI-4 or higher lube oil

Lubricating oil system includes make-up system (113-L tank), oil drain lines routed to the engine rail, and quick evacuation system for faster, cleaner oil changes

Jacket water heater (9 kW, 3-phase 480VAC) with electric pump

Fuel cooler and electric priming pump

Electronic differential pressure monitoring of all filters

Electronic ADEM A4 engine controls

24V electric starting motor


Double-bearing, SR-5 generator with anti-condensation space heaters (1.2 kW, 480VAC)

Brushless, random-wound, permanent magnet excited, thouree-phase, 4-lead design

Class H insulation operating at Class F temperature for extended life

Cat Integrated Voltage Regulator (Cat IVR)

Stator winding and bearing temperature sensors and RTD module

Metallic mesh generator air inlet filters (washable) with differential pressure monitoring

Coastal Insulation Protection


Hinged, radiator air intake louvers

Sound-attenuated engine room air intake louvers with foldable awnings that double as shipping covers

Two (2) lockable personnel doors with panic releases

Interior walls and ceilings insulated with 50 mm of acoustic paneling

Side bus bar access door with external access load cable connections

Shore power via distribution block connections for jacket water heater, battery charger, and generator Anti-condensation Heaters

Four (4) DC lights with 60-min timer

Single-wall, 378-L (100gal) fuel tank; certified to BS799-5

Solenoid fuel-fill control valve for automated tank filling

Triple, primary fuel filters with integral water separators and service valves for on-the-fly changes

Sound attenuated to 83 dBA (50 Hz) / 85 dBA (60 Hz) at 7m (23 ft)

Two (2) 1400-CCA, Group 4D, maintenance-free batteries and 50-Amp battery charger

Insulated exhaust silencer with 1.8m (6ft) stainless steel exhaust stack for increased site power density

Engine vibration isolators

Easy drain access to standard fluids

Standard Cat decals and painted Cat Power Module White


Cooling package provides 40°C (104F) ambient capability at 50 Hz, or 42°C (108F) capability at 60 Hz at the IPP Rating at 750m (2,460 ft) above sea level

Vertical, non-stacked radiator cores with dimpled fins and vertical air discharge

Variable frequency fan drive with smart fan control

Cat Extended Life Coolant (ELC)


EMCP 4.3 generator set mounted controller

Automatic start/stop with cool down timer

Generator Protection features: 25, 32, 40, 50/51, 27/59, 81 O/U

AGC-4 provides voltage and frequency adjust, base load / PF / load sharing / synchouronizer, auto start / stop control & generator CB control, SCADA Interface (Ethernet), fuel level Indications & alarms, and fuel tank fuel transfer control

Reverse compatibility for interface to legacy power modules

100 kAIC, 4000A-Frame generator circuit breaker with LSIG trip unit

Multi-mode operation: Island (kW/kVAR sharing), Base load power, Power management with multiple units

Manual and automatic paralleling capability

Metering display: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, kW, WHM, kVAR, and synchouroscope


Factory testing of complete power module

CE Certified, NEMA, ISO and IEEE standards

O&M manuals



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