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Scissor Lift Rentals in South Carolina

A scissor lift is a safe mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) with a large surface area that can hold workers and tools. Whether you are working indoors, on flat surfaces or on uneven terrain, our scissor lift rentals can help you. We offer both electric and rough terrain versions, so you can use scissor lifts for everything from landscaping to mining and construction. Our customer support team will help you decide which is best for your job.

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Scissor Lifts for Rent

Each job you have may require a different type of scissor lift, depending on location and working conditions. At Blanchard Machinery Company, we carry multiple models to meet your needs. We have a variety of scissor lift rentals available for your project.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts run by electricity rather than gas or diesel fuels. A charged scissor lift can work for several hours, and our models can reach heights of up to 40 feet. Since the electric scissors operate without gas or diesel, they have zero emissions, and they also have significantly reduced noise levels. Blanchard Machinery Company recommends using electric scissor lifts in warehouse, manufacturing, and construction applications on even surfaces.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Many job sites are outdoors or located in areas with uneven ground. Rough terrain scissor lifts can handle the stresses of the outdoors and help you get the job done. Most rough terrain scissor lifts receive power through gas or diesel, and our rentals can reach up to 43 feet. They have two or four-wheel drive and large weight capacities. Since rough terrain scissor lifts work best outdoors, we suggest using them at construction, mining, or forestry job sites.

Benefits of Renting Scissor Lifts from Blanchard Machinery Company

When you want to rent a scissor lift, Blanchard Machinery Company is here to help. We offer short and long-term rental periods and competitive prices, and you can secure your reservation easily through one of our representatives. Some advantages of choosing Blanchard Machinery Company include:

  • Equipment delivery: Our team will deliver the scissor lift to your job site when your schedule is completely booked.
  • Customer support: We are available 24/7 to answer your questions, address concerns and help you pick the right scissor lift for a job.
  • Maintenance service: Our technicians examine all scissor lifts to ensure they operate correctly before passing them on to you. If a problem arises during your rental period, we're here to help.

Request Scissor Lifts for Rent at Blanchard Machinery Company Today

Our experienced team of professionals is proud to offer high-quality scissor lifts. We have decades of experience, giving us the expertise necessary to rent and service equipment for many industries. When you rent from Blanchard Machinery Company, you receive excellent assistance and top-rated maintenance. We have eight rental locations throughout South Carolina that are ready to serve you:

Submit our online request form today to reserve an electric or rough terrain scissor lift. You can also feel free to speak with one of our representatives by phone at 844-252-6242.

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