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New Compactors

New Compactors


Cat® compactors handle a wide range of compaction applications, with models designed for use in construction, road maintenance, landscaping, landfills and more. These machines are designed to achieve incredible compaction on a single pass with even material distribution over large areas, increasing productivity and improving project accuracy.

If you’re looking to add one of these powerful machines to your equipment inventory, we can help. Blanchard Machinery is the authorized Cat dealer for the South Carolina region, and we have a massive selection of new Cat compactors to choose from, with custom configurations available.

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New Compaction Equipment Suited to Your Applications

Cat compactors vary in design and application. With a range of optional features, they’re capable of handling virtually any compaction project with speed and precision. With new equipment locations throughout the state, we stock an extensive selection of models in diverse configurations. If you would like to design a custom configuration, our experienced team will make sure you get what you need.

Caterpillar manufactures new compactors/rollers in several models, including:

  • Landfill compactors: Cat landfill compactors feature unique designs suited for use in solid waste compaction. These purpose-built machines include many standard features to increase speed, safety and efficiency in landfill operations, including tipped wheels, dozer blades, multiple equipment guards and much more.
  • Pneumatic rollers: Pneumatic rollers are ideal for compacting binder and wear courses in the pavement layer. A pneumatic roller is perfect for compacting soil and other loose materials with mixtures containing cement, lime or other additives.
  • Soil compactors: Cat soil compactors are durable, four-wheel-drive machines with wheel tips made for pushing soil down with more force at fast operating speeds. The latest Cat soil compactors feature an incredible list of standard features, including improvements to safety, performance and comfort.
  • Tandem vibratory rollers: Caterpillar manufactures many tandem vibratory rollers for paving projects of any size and scope. These new asphalt rollers for sale are highly mobile on the job site, and they all feature simple operator controls that you can quickly learn to master.
  • Vibratory soil compactors: Cat vibratory soil compactors are available in multiple designs. These compactors compress the soil and other loose materials, removing air pockets to create stable foundations for a wide range of paving and construction projects.

A Wide Range of New Cat® Compactors for Sale

At Blanchard Machinery, we’ll work to find the right equipment and help you integrate it into your fleet with flexible financing solutions, including in-house credit and opportunities for leasing to own. We manage locations across the state, with fully equipped service centers to care for your new compaction equipment. Field service is also available. If you need parts, we offer an extensive selection of new, used, and reman parts with professional assistance locating the right part numbers.


Visit the Blanchard Machinery location nearest you to view our new asphalt rollers for sale in person and speak with an experienced pro about our new compaction equipment for sale. Our team will answer all your questions and help you determine the best equipment model and configuration to match your needs. For a quote or more information about our new compactors for sale, contact us online or call 844.252.6242.

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